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Scaliptor Scala Development Tools v0.5.2 released

Scaliptor is a set of plug-ins for the Eclipse platform ( that provide the greatest feature set for developing Scala (

Changes since 0.5.1:
Improved Outline view fixes a lot of issues and now supports Traits.

Experimental "infopops" show the scalaDoc code for identifiers in the same file as the documentation as a tooltip. Feedback would be appreciated.

Posted by Chris Heald 2005-02-23

Scaliptor Scala Development Tools v0.5.1 released

This bug fix release fixes a number of issues including the location of compiled binaries and improves the stability of the outline view. Enjoy!

Posted by Chris Heald 2005-02-16

Scaliptor 0.3.0 released - world's first Scala IDE

Scala - the Scala Development Tools for Eclipse has now reached version 0.3.0!
It now includes:
syntax highlighting,
auto-build on save using scalac,
error marking,
New Scala Project and New Scala Class wizards.
This makes it the world's first truly Integrated Development Environment for Scala :)

Posted by Chris Heald 2004-07-14

Project Launch!

Scaliptor lives! First CVS source drop is available.
This version currently supports syntax highlighting for Scala. A build button can be added with the external tools option in eclipse. Tested with Eclipse 3.0M9 and above. Should work with much older versions too though.

Posted by Chris Heald 2004-06-10