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Smart Cache / News: Recent posts

Smart Cache 0.94 Released

Updated to Java 5. Uses now standard regular expression from Java, multiline http headers supported.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2009-07-23

Bug tracker online

I moved all my notes about possible TODO items in SC into Mantis bug tracker Feel free to use it. I dont like Mantis, but it seems to be more viable option than standard SF.NET bug tracker

Posted by Radim Kolar 2009-05-25

VCS switched to Bazaar

Smart Cache now uses SF.NET provided Bazaar repository instead of sharing Bazaar VCS files via HTTP on webspace.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2009-05-25

Security hole fixed

All glories to lord Jevovah!

Posted by Radim Kolar 2005-04-02

Remote Denial of service security hole found

See for more info.
We are closing doors due to lost of trust.

Thank you for understanding.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2004-03-05