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Released 0.1.10

I have great plans to change the code but not the time so I decided to make this release to allow people to have the most recent changes before I start breaking things.

I’ve made a few changes but don’t remember what they were but here are a few I do remember:
I added zooming logic to make smooth camera position and zoom changes to make the game easier on the eyes.
I added two bars on the bottom of the screen which show the number of ships left for each player.
I also removed the loading of the Ships from file.
I also merged the Weapon and Controlable classes.

Posted by BioSlayer 2007-01-25

Released 0.1.09!

It’s just the binary for the super melee for now. Remember to give it time starting up the first time since doing a lot of calculations. Check the forum for more Information.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-07-13

Preview release.

Since a lot has changed I decided to make a binary release that shows you a few changes. Mostly bug fixes.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-07-01

Re-licensing as LGPL.

I have decided to switch to LGPL because the game is turning into a 2D space game engine. It currently has far more capability then is required to implement the Super melee part of the game.

All previous versions will remain GPL.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-03-04

Released 0.1.08!!!

This version has all the ships. Yep I managed to get them all done.

The binary release has all the ships in the .cs form in the ships directory.
You can edit them and stuff.

You can also add your own ships! Just copy one of the .cs files then rename it and change the code inside. I might write a short tutorial on how to do this. Check the forum and the wiki on the website for more information.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-03-01

Web Site is Up!

Helleck AKA fadookie has just put up the website so go there and bookmark it!

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-02-22

Released 0.1.07-Binary only.

This version has a few changes.

The ships .cs files are now in the ship directory, and you can edit them. (If you can figure them out) comments will come later.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-02-19

Added some ScreenShots.

Just added some screenshots I had lying around.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-02-16

Released 0.1.06!

Well I have made yet another release despite the short time that passed it actually has a few additions. Added the ditties for a victorious ship and cleaned up the code even more. I switched over to a more recent version. And I eliminated the popping noise (at least on my computer).

Rob Loach From SDL.Net told me the files I needed to include to make it so downloading is no longer needed. So you won’t need to worry about downloading anything extra except for .Net 2.0

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-02-13

You Will Need SDL.Net

The newest release requires SDL.Net so make sure to download it and install it. I forgot to put in the readme and to change the readme for this.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-02-11

Released 0.1.05!

Made a new release with all the changes this week. It binary only. If you want to get the Source just use the CVS the module name is ReMasters. It features the new anti tunneling algorithm!

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-02-11

Website Detour.

While you are waiting for fadookie to create the website, you can check out the thread on UQM that I use to keep people informed, and give me some feedback. Always need feedback even if it’s negative.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-02-09

Released: 0.1.04!

Added a few ships, but mainly re-factored the code to be a lot better.

I dedicate this release to my brother James who would have been 25 today; if it wasn’t for a climbing accident. He would have loved the fact that I’m remaking this game.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-01-29

Released 0.0.03!

The new release improves the general game play, and added elements from the original game that were missing. I declare that it is now fun to play.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-01-22

Added a Binary 0.1.02 Release

It contains a read-me. But let me restate some of what it says.

You will need to install the .Net 2.0 Framework

and the more recent Direct X (December 2005) to play.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-01-22

Released 0.1.02!

Major changes in this release. The notes will list some, but the rest are undocumented and most likely already forgotten by me.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-01-21

First Release!

Made my first release of the game. it has 3 working ships, but their handling is screwy.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-01-15