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I've installed the SBW on a Windows 2000 NT that has
Java 1.3, but the resulting installation does not contain
anything in the script portion of the desktop work bench


  • Michael Hucka

    Michael Hucka - 2002-09-25
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  • Michael Hucka

    Michael Hucka - 2002-09-25

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    Thank you for your report. The absence of an entry under the script
    menu is almost always caused by there not being a Python 2.1 or 2.2
    installation on the machine prior to attempting to install SBW. The
    installer under windows attempts to detect this condition and issue a
    warning -- do you recall whether you saw a warning to this effect? If
    not, there may be a bug in the installer rules.

    To summarize: Python must be installed on the machine prior to
    the installation of SBW, otherwise the SBW installer cannot properly
    create the shortcut that is supposed to appear in the "Scripts" menu.

    If you did in fact have Python installed prior to installing SBW, could
    you please send us information about which version of Python you
    are using?


  • Michael Hucka

    Michael Hucka - 2002-11-21
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