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Website updated. Forums online.

sBSD's website is back online and the Forums are ready for discussion.

Posted by Leo Edmiston-Cyr 2009-03-06

sbsd 1.0beta released

Many improvements and bugs fixed. NetBSD 4.0 is now the default version of NetBSD installed.

Posted by Leo Edmiston-Cyr 2008-04-29

sBSD 0.2.0 released

Several bugs fixed. Package installations should now work well as long as you have enough "disk" space for the binaries and data. /var is now saved on shutdown.

Posted by Leo Edmiston-Cyr 2006-10-02

sbsd-0.0.3 released!

I've added support for:
USB memory sticks
an expert mode
pulled out the requirement to download the NetBSD distribution files (The download is only 12KB now!)

Posted by Leo Edmiston-Cyr 2006-08-23

non-root user login fails workaround

root can still login. As root on the target system execute "chmod +x /etc/rc.d/mountcritlocal" and then reboot. You should be able to login as your non-root user. This is fixed in my next release. I'll post it after I've tested and finished adding the expert mode.

Posted by Leo Edmiston-Cyr 2006-08-13

boot from usb workaround

I found a bug where booting the target system from usb will fail since sBSD currently assumes the target will see the device it installs to as /dev/wd0a. Edit /etc/fstab manually. It will be addressed with an "expert mode" in a future release.

Posted by Leo Edmiston-Cyr 2006-08-13

sbsd-0.0.2-alpha released

Ok. Now there is an option to select bios console (vga/keyboard) or serial console (tty00 or tty01) at 9600bps.

Posted by Leo Edmiston-Cyr 2006-08-12

Temporary hold on the alpha

It is just an alpha, however I found that I wasn't handling the console (serial, bios, etc) well. Every time you installed it was installing for a serial console on tty00 at 9600bps. Please not this if you already downloaded sbsd-0.0.1-alpha. I have fixed it I believe in my devel version. I'll complete testing that by tonight and post a new version then.

Posted by Leo Edmiston-Cyr 2006-08-12

sBSD pre-release available!

The first alpha quality release of sBSD is now available for download. It is one package which contains the necessary NetBSD (3.0) files and the sBSD installation tools. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Posted by Leo Edmiston-Cyr 2006-08-12