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New Version 0.3.2

The ability to use pages with forms is in progress. Currently the GET method is implemented; the POST method will be done soon.

Some other minor bugs were taken care of.

Posted by Josh Marquis 2005-01-15

New version 0.3.1

This release is only a bugfix for users who have Register Globals turned off. This release should solve many of the problems users were having with pages not being displayed.

Posted by Josh Marquis 2004-05-25

Missing file in 0.3.0

The previous 0.3.0 release was missing the file which is required! I have updated each release so this is no longer an issue.

Sorry for any confusion this has caused.

Posted by Josh Marquis 2004-01-14

Simple Browser Proxy 0.3-development released

Version 0.3.0 is a major upgrade in terms of usability and functionality. 0.3.0 Introduces a caching system which enables SBP to fetch 99% of a page's content, moving SBP towards it's goal off 100% privacy.

Improvements have been made throughout the system with regard to performance. Processing time has been cut down by 25%.

Posted by Josh Marquis 2004-01-09

Simple Browser Proxy 0.2-development released

Although I did little to resolve the main issues I stated in the initial release, "...the layout of frames and the resolution of urls with '../' in their path" I will get to them.

Until then I added support for PHP Layers Menu 3.0 beta2. It's the best opensource javascript menu system that I found. Although it took a little changing to get it to work with SBP the default setup is immediately usable and very straightforward. If you need a javascript/PHP menu system check them out--> read more

Posted by Josh Marquis 2003-07-31

Simple Browser Proxy 0.1-development released

0.1 development was released today as an initial release. As it's still under development one should expect some quirks.

The main issues being dealt with are the layout of frames and the resolution of urls with '../' in their path. Once those two issues are resolved I will make SBP's initial stable release.

Posted by Josh Marquis 2003-07-28

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