#40 equilibrium constant position


Why is equilibrium constant a child of "equilibrium or steady-state constant"? To me firstly, it is confusing terminology, and secondly it can be confusing to have an "or" in class names. Somehow this needs to be resolved, but I'm not sure how as I'm not sure what is meant by these two terms. If you mean the same thing by the terms, then you can remove equilibrium constant as a child of equilibrium or steady-state constant. Simply put, having "or" in class names seems to be something that isn't very useful...


  • Nick Juty

    Nick Juty - 2008-07-04
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  • Allyson Lister

    Allyson Lister - 2009-02-04

    Set to open again, as I just realized that no comments had been made yet by the SBO staff, and the Closed status might have meant that they accidentally missed it. Was there a resolution to this, please?

  • Allyson Lister

    Allyson Lister - 2009-02-04
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