#26 Requested test case


From Frank Bergmann

Today I came across a possible bug in RoadRunner, that has been slumbering there for eternities. So I was wondering whether a test case would have helped me (and perhaps a gazillion other SBML simulator developers). Do you currently have a test in the test suite that tests: hOSU together with non unit compartments and raterules on a non-constant boundary species? The idea would be to have to tests: one with hOSU true and one with it being false.

back when I implemented raterules I must have misread the description in the spec:

In the case of a species, a RateRule sets the rate of change of the species’ quantity to the value
determined by the formula in math.

to mean substance/time and thus came to different results!


  • Lucian Smith

    Lucian Smith - 2016-06-28

    Am I remembering correctly that this test (or a few test like this) were indeed added to the test suite? It looks like we lost the comments--the post claims it was created in 2010, and updated as recently as 2014, but no updates are listed.

  • Frank Bergmann

    Frank Bergmann - 2016-06-29

    I don't think that new tests have been added to sort this ...

  • Michael Hucka

    Michael Hucka - 2016-06-29

    Let's take the more cautious position that there are no tests yet for this in the test suite, and that cases still need to be added. I've created a Pivotal item for it here: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/123606621


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