Frank Bergmann - 2015-01-20

The comments associated with this ticket were lost in late 2014.
The SBML Team manually recovered the comments. The text is appended below.

Comment By: Sarah Keating (sarahkeating)
Date: 2013-01-28 02:37

Hi Marco

Sorry this sat so long without reply.

Firstly, you say you were building libsbml-5.7.0 BUT in fact your
configuration output suggests your were using 5.6.0. We did actually make
some changes to the matlab build in 5.7.0 so it would would be worth
checking you have the latest 5.7.0 source..

Secondly, as you have seen from previous reports etc there are issues that
arise with the libsbml matlab binding; usually in terms of finding
libraries. One thing you can do is to build/make/install libsbml (without
matlab). Then run matlab; make sure the library path is set; change to the
libsbml src/bindings/matlab directory and run the buildSBML script from

Let me know if I can help further.


Comment By: Sarah Keating (sarahkeating)
Date: 2013-08-05 12:20

Without further response from the reporter it is difficult to do anything further. I will leave it open since it is less than a year old.

Comment By: Sarah Keating (sarahkeating)
Date: 2014-08-21 17:17

This has now been over a year with no response so I'm closing it.