#253 problem with documentation of delay AST_nodes

Sven Sahle

The documentation of ASTNodeType_t is missing AST_FUNCTION_DELAY in the list (it is mentioned in the discussion).

More seriously, the documentation says that isName() is true when we have a delay node, but the code does not seem to reflect this. (The code checks if the type is between AST_NAME and AST_NAME_TIME which does not include AST_FUNCTION_DELAY).

I have no idea if the code or the documentation should be changed.


  • Sarah Keating

    Sarah Keating - 2014-09-04
    • status: open --> closed
  • Sarah Keating

    Sarah Keating - 2014-09-04

    The documentation has been improved.

  • Frank Bergmann

    Frank Bergmann - 2015-01-20

    The comments associated with this ticket were lost in late 2014.
    The SBML Team manually recovered the comments. The text is appended below.

    Comment By: Sarah Keating (sarahkeating)
    Date: 2009-05-19 20:27

    The documentation needs calrifying.

    A delay node is a Function but it also has a name - the name used by the
    csymbol expression.

    The isName() function is intended to identify nodes that represent
    variables/parameters in a math expression i.e. <ci> elements that represent
    species, compartments, parameters <cn> elements and csymbol time elements.

    The same anomaly will occur when a <ci> element refers to a
    functionDefinition. getName will return the name of the function BUT
    isName() will return false.

    This is a hang over from Ben's original ASTNode code that was intended to
    be as memory efficient as possible. We possibly need to calrify this in the
    code as well :-)

    Comment By: Sarah Keating (sarahkeating)
    Date: 2013-08-05 11:50

    Updating this to 5.8.0


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