New Release: SFCB 1.4.8

Hi Folks,

We have a new release of the SFCB 1.4 branch: SFCB 1.4.8. There are just a handful of new features this time but this release addresses some long-standing issues with shutdown and process hangs.

For new features: There is new config property enableSslCipherServerPref, which allows a fine adjustment in the selection of cipher suite on the connection, by enforcing the server's order of preference instead of the client's (as is the case by default). In general, the selection of cipher suite is determined by the openssl library based on the "cipher list" provided to the client and the server. SFCB's cipher list is set using the "sslCiphers" config property. Remember, you can use the openssl "s_client" tool to check the actual cipher used on the connection, for a given configuration at client and server. See the .cfg file comments for more info.

There a a couple of new properties to control the behavior of the indication sender: indicationCurlUseExpect100 and indicationCurlHonorRedirect. This will have little or no impact for most environments but users should be aware we shut off curl's use of the HTTP Expect:100-continue by default. This eliminates a short delay on indication send that is not desirable unless Expect:100-continue behavior is really being used. For those who do rely on this behavior it can be reenabled with indicationCurlUseExpect100. It can be useful in conjunction with HTTP redirect, for example, which can now be enabled via the indicationCurlHonorRedirect property. See for more info.

On the aforementioned improvements: [sfcb-tix:#94] is an attempt to reduce the likelihood of shutdown hang due to an inter-thread signal being missed, as can happen if shutdown occurs under particularly gnarly conditions. [sfcb-tix:#95] is a tweak that tends to prevent a (benign but) annoying core dump at the end of shutdown. [sfcb-tix:#89] improves providerDvr's handling and recovery when providers crash, making a req handler less likely to hang. And [sfcb-tix:#96] is an attempt to also not hang a req handler when there is a request outstanding at shutdown, which can in fact hang the whole shutdown.

Because these changes reduce but do not entirely eliminate the possibility of a req handler hang, it is determined we ultimately need some sort of configurable req handler timeout. This is under development but will have to wait until the next release! Watch this space for updates:

You can see the NEWS file for full list of changes. The new release is tagged (SFCB_1_4_8) in git and the tarball is posted to the SourceForge download page.

Thanks to Klaus from Novell for goals/assists on all of the new shutdown patches! And thanks to the others who contributed to this release.

-Dave H.



SFCB: #89
SFCB: #94
SFCB: #95
SFCB: #96

Posted by Dave Heller 2014-03-31 Labels: sfcb release

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