SBLIM JSR48 CIM Client 2.1.12

Today the SBLIM project has released the JSR48 CIM Client for Java version 2.1.12. This release contains several new features:

* A new sample - Jsr48SfcbIndicationSample - demonstrates how to receive indications from and generate test indications in the sfcb CIMOM (#3480115)
* Two new internal APIs - LogAndTraceBroker.isLoggableTrace and isLoggableMessage - can be used to determine if the specified Level will be logged (#3484014)
* A new internal interface - IndicationListenerSBLIM - along with its indicationOccured method and corresponding three new internal WBEMListenerSBLIM.addListener methods, can be used to pass the InetAddress of the indication sender to the listener (#3477087)
* A new property - sblim.wbem.listenerIndicationTraceFilter - can be used to trace incoming indications at the FINE Level (#3485074)
* A new property - sblim.wbem.listenerAddSenderIPAddress - can be used to add a SBLIMJCC_SenderIPAddress property to indications that contains the IP address of the indication sender (#3492214)
* A new property - sblim.wbem.socketConnectTimeout - can be used to set the timeout for socket connect requests when sblim.wbem.socketConnectWithTimeout=true (#3492224)
* Three new JSR48 APIs - CIMObjectPath.getKeyValue, WBEMListener.getProperty and WBEMListener.setProperty - have been added to support JSR48 1.0.0 (#3496349 and #3496385)

Version 2.1.12 also contains several changes that might affect existing applications:

* The internal WBEMListenerSBLIM.WBEMListenerImpl and CIMEventDispatcher constructors now accept EventListener instead of IndicationListener (#3477087)
* Reliable indication support now allows for the SequenceContext and SequenceNumber properties to be present/absent as the CIMOM enables/disables them on the fly (#3484022)
* The WBEMListenerFactory.getPROTOCOLS method has been deleted after being deprecated in version 2.1.1 (#3490009)
* The four WBEMException constructors that accept the integer error ID now throw an IllegalArgumentException for an invalid ID; valid IDs are 0-12, 14-17 and 19-28 (#3490032)
* The sblim.wbem.httpTimeout property no longer specifies the timeout for socket connect requests, sblim.wbem.socketConnectTimeout does (#3492224)
* The two WBEMClient.associators and references methods that return a CloseableIterator have been deprecated (#3496343)

Version 2.1.12 also contains a critical fix (#3498482) to counteract a possible Denial of Service attack against products that use hashing to parse XML, The complete list of changes follows:

3504344 Sync Experimental/HEAD branches
3504304 Rename socket timeout variables
3498482 Red Hat: Possible XML Hash DoS in sblim
3496355 JSR48 1.0.0: add new WBEMClientConstants
3496385 JSR48 1.0.0: add WBEMListener get/setProperty
3496380 JSR48 1.0.0: add new WBEMListenerConstants
3496349 JSR48 1.0.0: add CIMObjectPath getKeyValue
3496343 JSR48 1.0.0: deprecate WBEMClient associators and references
3496301 Sync up javax.* javadoc with JSR48 1.0.0 Final
3495662 Invalid HTML from HttpConnectionHandler.writeError
3477298 Error compiling JSR48
3489638 PERF: Bottleneck in - getCaller()
3492224 Need two different timeouts for Socket connections
3492214 Add a SenderIPAddress property indications
3492246 Rename new indication trace property
3490355 TCK: Cannot instantiate WBEMClientFactory
3490032 TCK: WBEMException must validate error ID
3490009 TCK: Too many WBEMListenerFactory class methods
3484022 Turn reliable indication mode on and off based on SC/SN
3485074 An Indication trace request
3477087 Need Access to an Indication Sender's IP Address
3484014 Add LogAndTraceBroker.isLoggable for message/trace
3480115 Add Jsr48SfcbIndicationSample
3469427 Fix broken HTML links
3469210 Include reliable indications in HTML
3469018 Properties not passed to CIMIndicationHandler

Posted by Dave Blaschke 2012-03-15

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