SBLIM JSR48 CIM Client 2.1.6

Today the SBLIM project has released the JSR48 CIM Client for Java version 2.1.6. This release fixes several issues, including some more TCK bugs as well as static analyzer errors/warnings:

3046073 Performance hit due to socket conn. creation with timeout
3048749 Hex digit parsing logic error in XMLPullParser
3028518 Additional StringBuilder use
3027618 Close files/readers in finally blocks
3027615 Use CLASS_ARRAY_T instead of new CIMDataType(CLASS,0)
3036683 HEAD branch ONLY: sync with Experimental branch
3027479 Dead store to local variable
3027392 Nullcheck of value previously dereferenced
3026417 XMLAttributeValue does not use iHash field
3026360 Handle unwritten fields
3026316 XMLPullParser unused fields
3026311 Vacuous comparison of integer value
3026302 CIMDateTimeInterval uses # constructor instead of valueOf
3023349 SLP uses # constructor instead of valueOf
3023348 Listener uses # constructor instead of valueOf
3023340 CIMObjectFactory uses # constructor instead of valueOf
3023145 CharValue uses # constructor instead of valueOf
3023143 CIMXMLParserImpl uses # constructor instead of valueOf
3023141 CIMObjectPath uses # constructor instead of valueOf
3023135 DADescriptor equals/compareTo issue
3023120 RequestDescriptor equals/compareTo issue
3023095 CIMQualifiedElementInterfaceImpl equals/hashCode issue
3022554 Flushing socket ignores skip() return code
3022541 File descriptor leak in sample/unittest
3022524 iSortedValueEntries not serializable in Serializable class
3022519 ServiceLocationAttribute.equals() compares same array
3022501 Possible integer overflow in getTotalUSec
3019252 Methods concatenate strings using + in a loop
3019214 SLP equals methods assume too much
3018178 CIMDateTimeInterval clean up
3004779 TCK: CIMDataType not throwing IllegalArgumentException
3004762 HTTPClient infinite loop for HTTP 407

Posted by Dave Blaschke 2010-09-15

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