SBLIM JSR48 CIM Client 2.1.5

Today the SBLIM project has released the JSR48 CIM Client for Java version 2.1.5. This release fixes several issues, including some initial TCK bugs:

3001333 CIMMethod class ignores propagated parameter
3001680 CIMQualifierElementInterfaceImpl changes qualifiers
3001359 XMLPullParser.CharString equals() method broken
3001357 CIMDeleteNameSpaceOp name clash
3001353 HttpHeaderParser ignores return value of toLowerCase()
3001345 File handle leaks in HttpSocketFactory and LogAndTraceBroker
3001243 Overview HTML out of date
2997865 Infinite loop in HttpClient
2994776 http 401 gives CIM_ERR_FAILED instead of CIM_ERR_ACCESS_DENIED
2994252 CIMDateTimeInterval.getTotalMilliseconds() not unit tested
2994249 CIMDateTimeInterval(long) calculates milliseconds
2992349 CIMDateTimeInterval hr/min/sec max is 23/59/59, not 24/60/60
2989424 TCK: CIMDateTimeInterval constructor
2989367 CIMDateTimeInterval(long) constructor range wrong
2990370 Development/unittest HTML out of date
2974884 Exception when attaching 2 CDRoms with invoke method
2978722 PasswordCredential(char[]) constructor is wrong
2975989 TCK: CIMQualifierType constructor does not handle null
2975975 TCK: CIMObjectPath(String) does not handle null
2975917 TCK: CIMClass.getProperty() does not handle null property
2975885 TCK: CIMXXX.hasQualifierValue(null,null) returns true
2973300 TCK: CIMDateTimeXXX.compareTo() does not handle null
2973230 TCK: UnsignedInteger64.equals() does not handle null
2973233 TCK: UnsignedIntegerNN.hashCode() not working
2972697 Fix spelling errors in HTML files

Posted by Dave Blaschke 2010-06-15

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