SBLIM JSR48 CIM Client 2.1.4

Today the SBLIM project has released the JSR48 CIM Client for Java version 2.1.4. This release is now fully compliant with the latest JSR48 spec (dated Jan 20, 2010). It also fixes several issues:

2970881 Add property to control EmbeddedObject case
2942520 IPv6 link local address with scope_id including a dot not supported
2964463 WBEMClient.initialize() throws wrong exception
2963502 Add XML tracing to sample code
2957387 EmbededObject XML attribute must not be all uppercases
2956716 Jsr48IndicationSample hardcoded namespace
2961592 Remove WBEMClient.setLocales() UnsupportedOperationException
2959586 Sync up WBEMClient javadoc with JSR48 1.0.0
2959264 Sync up javax.client.* javadoc with JSR48 1.0.0
2959240 Sync up javax.listener.* javadoc with JSR48 1.0.0
2959235 Update build.xml copyright year
2959039 Fix WBEMException.toString() logic
2958990 Remove WBEMException.CIM_ERR_TYPE_MISMATCH
2958941 Sync up javax.wbem.* javadoc with JSR48 1.0.0
2913938 Duplicate CIM requests with identical message ID
2946113 First steps code snippet has compile errors
2944830 Fix spelling of checkGranurality()
2944842 Missing thrown ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
2944839 Remove redundant toString() methods
2944833 Need private setValue in UnsignedInteger8
2944826 getUTCOffset() incorrect if not significant field
2944824 Missing getXmlSchemaName() in CIMObjectPath
2944219 Problem with pull operations using client against EMC CIMOM
2935258 Sync up javax.cim.* javadoc with JSR48 1.0.0
2930341 Sync up WBEMClientConstants with JSR48 1.0.0
2927029 Unit test fails on Java 6
2909941 RequestStateChange gives wrong exception/error id
2912490 NullPointerException when invoking getInstance

Posted by Dave Blaschke 2010-03-16

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