#2735 Add configurable wait time option to Jsr48IndicationTester

Dave Heller

Currently, Jsr48IndicationTester is coded to wait for 5 mins after registering the subscription at the CIMOM and starting the listener, before ending the program and removing the subscription. This is good for most case, since the user can interrupt the program at any time to terminate (and remove the sub). Still, there are some cases where it is desirable to leave the program running longer. Premature termination will delete the subs at the CIMOM and this is not always what the tester wants.

It is much more flexible to simply allow a user-specified wait time at startup. The patch adds the command line option --wait, which specifies the wait time (i.e the run time) in seconds. A value of 0 is taken to mean: wait indefinitely (or until user interrupt). The default is 0, so this is a change from the previous behavior. To get the previous behavior use a wait time of 300, i.e:

Jsr48IndicationTester -v -p --wait 300 --cimomUrl http://user:password@cimom:5988 --destUrl http://user:password@jcchost:7000 Test_Indication


  • Dave Heller

    Dave Heller - 2014-05-17

    Patch sent for community review. During a 2 week period any
    exploiter may comment on the patch, request changes or turn it
    down completely (with good reason). For the time being the patch is part
    of the "Experimental" branch in CVS.

  • Dave Heller

    Dave Heller - 2014-05-17
    • status: open --> pending
  • Dave Heller

    Dave Heller - 2015-06-21
    • status: pending --> pending-fixed
  • Dave Heller

    Dave Heller - 2015-06-21

    The community review has completed and we received no substantial criticism. Therefore the patch has been approved and merged into the "HEAD" branch. The next release will pick it up.


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