#2251 Memory leak inside getClass() used by invokeMethod()

sfcb (1090)

Memory allocated for classname and namespace inside getClass() function, SFCB binary interface is not released. Please find the fix attached.


  • Santosh Bidaralli

    • labels: --> sfcb
    • milestone: --> Memory_Leak
  • Michael Chase-Salerno

    Both of those items are created as tracked memory objects. According to the CMPI spec(section 1.3.6), they would only need to be released if they were cloned. They will be cleaned up by the CMPI memory management:

    1.3.16: CMPI performs automatic release of all its encapsulated objects used and/or created during an MI function invocation cycle, except for those structures that have been copied explicitly by the MI using the clone() function.

  • Michael Chase-Salerno

    • status: open --> pending-rejected
  • Michael Chase-Salerno

    Disregard my last comment, this isn't in the context of a provider. Reopened.

  • Michael Chase-Salerno

    • status: pending-rejected --> open-accepted
  • Michael Chase-Salerno

    committed to CVS HEAD and git master

  • Michael Chase-Salerno

    • status: open-accepted --> pending-fixed

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