#1393 Delay experienced when sending an indication.

sfcb (1090)

If I create an indication instance from a CMPIObjectPath that has a namespace, it takes about one second for CBDeliverIndication() to return.

If I don't set the namespace on the CMPIObjectPath used to create the indication instance, CBDeliverIndication() returns with no noticable delay.

I narrowed it down a bit:
In intInvokeProvider() within providerMgr.c, the call to spRecvResult() doesn't return in a timely manner. strace shows that it is sitting on poll() for about a second before returning.


  • Chris Buccella

    Chris Buccella - 2009-03-19

    I was also seeing this delay while testing for 2680022

  • Michael Chase-Salerno

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  • Michael Chase-Salerno

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  • Michael Chase-Salerno

    I looked at this on GIT master today. Using the test provider in the tree, I issued 10,000 indications for a single method invocation and timed it. Did this with the name space specified and also as NULL. The times were consistent whether the name space was specified or not. I think this has probably been addressed by other changes in the time since it was first seen. Please comment if it is still occurring.

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