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[eccba2] (2.3 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes

support target-driven cross-compilation

Running ./ --host-location="host:path/to/sbcl" on the
target causes the scripts to do all the copying of
files to and from the host using rsync on the target to the specified
host location.

Because this is rsync, managing the reverse ssh to do this on
heavily-firewalled targets is not straightforward; we might have to
extend the syntax, or have an extra --host-port argument. But this
should I think make the port to arm64 more straightforward.

2014-05-08 13:14:48 View
[f05756] (1.8 kB) by David Lichteblau David Lichteblau

Extend use of the linkage table to static symbols

- Formerly static symbols are static no more:

- Always use the linkage table, even in cross compilation. The
runtime retrieves the resulting list of foreign symbols and installs
linkage table entries before calling into Lisp for the first time.

- Simplify/remove various win32 foreign symbol special cases.

- Almost remove scratch().

Conditional on feature SB-DYNAMIC-CORE; required on Windows and optional
on other platforms supporting the linkage table.

With this feature, changes to src/runtime can be built using make,
without requiring a step to update core files.

For LINKAGE-TABLE platforms only. Currently supported on x86 and
x86-64. (PowerPC does not yet work.) In the interest of simplicity,
disable this feature permanently on non-SB-THREAD platforms, because
these would require unpleasant changes to allocation macros.

Thanks to Anton Kovalenko.

2012-10-23 19:55:02 View
[7d4072] (1.5 kB) by Alastair Bridgewater Alastair Bridgewater

Clean up build process for cross-compiled targets.

* Over time, the process for producing an SBCL build for another
target architecture or OS has become more difficult and less

* Move all argument processing to

* Have produce a file, output/build-config,
containing shell commands to set up important build parameters
such as where to find GNUMAKE, what SBCL_XC_HOST is, and so on.

* Source output/build-config in most of the make*.sh scripts.

* The practical upshot of all this is that a cross-compile
build is now a matter of alternating between target and host,
calling,,,,, and following up with a on the target, and you wind up with a
usable product. And, as does all of the arg
parsing, you can pass --xc-host= or --dynamic-space-size= or
whatever and it all works out.

2011-10-22 21:10:38 View
[04d819] (1.5 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Merge patch from James Bielman fixing self-build under Win32.
... a little bit of an accident ensued; I ran
canonicalize-whitespace on .sh files, which seemed to
work (except on until it scribbled all over, confusing the shell interpreter utterly.
... the resulting files have built the system, nevertheless.

2006-01-09 13:00:17 View
[babd45] (1.5 kB) by Thiemo Seufer Thiemo Seufer
Robustify the build system scripts.

2005-09-16 13:26:39 View
[3273f8] (1.5 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
More build fixes
... for our non-8859-1 friends, explicitly request the C locale
while building.
... running the tests (and indeed starting up the new sbcl)
in unknown locales will fail instantly, but that's probably
less annoying than having the build fail at cold-init time.
... probably stdin/out/err should fall back to ascii external format
if all else fails

2005-05-08 15:55:06 View
[eb5265] (1.5 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
fixes for build on my old Debian system...
...added missing #!+LINKAGE-TABLE
...converted "cd foo" to "cd ./foo" so that CDPATH-based logic
won't helpfully announce the name of the new dir to
stdout (and thus into local-target-features.lisp-expr);
then "cd ./foo > /dev/null" for overkill
generally grepped for and changed "cd foo" to "cd ./foo" to
reduce the amount of CDPATH ambiguity involved and
the amount of stdout noise generated

2004-09-10 15:36:17 View
[93b897] (1.5 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Restore cross-compilability, by making ldso-stubs.S in host-1

2004-02-27 09:41:37 View
[fab1ba] (1.8 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Merge build patch ("building SBCL with Sun toolchain" Nikodemus
Siivola sbcl-devel 2004-02-05)
... add some assertions to ldso-stubs.lisp
... fix the conditional around dlopen()
... delete ~% pasteo from

2004-02-26 08:36:22 View
[ded744] (1.5 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
merged Brian Mastenbrook's "SBCL-on-Darwin state" patch
(sbcl-devel 2004-02-18)

2004-02-20 18:15:10 View
[4ed3f0] (1.4 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Completely boring housekeeping commit
... rename grovel_headers.c to grovel-headers.c, as that underscore
was the only non-logical-pathname-compliant character in
the whole of the source and objects filenames.
... delete all redundant sb!vm: prefixes throughout
... nothing interesting at all, in fact. Builds and passes tests
on at least x86 and sparc.

2003-11-10 23:26:37 View
[7ff9e3] (1.4 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
More PPC/Linux and x86/BSD fixes
... try to get recursive includes right;
... just include target-os.h, which itself includes target-arch-os.h
(thanks to Gerd Moellmann)
... comment out attempt number two at ppc/linux floating point, which
is causing problems on some ppcs (as reported by Eric
Marsden sbcl-devel 2003-08-01 and kmr on #lisp from the
Debian buildds... I wonder why this doesn't happen on
Daniel's iMac)

2003-08-01 17:16:56 View
[df679e] (1.4 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes

Improvements in build technology:
... detect and choose GNUMAKE earlier, once and only once.
... provide recompile and use-anyway restarts for warm load.

2003-05-16 11:37:09 View
[fbbf54] (2.1 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman

(as per cliini and dan_b suggestion on #lisp IRC)
merged David Lichteblau patch to make "which gmake" more robust
in different sh's (sbcl-devel 2003-04-07)

2003-04-09 22:33:23 View
[8494ca] (2.1 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
Try harder to find GNU make (instead of first running, then bailing out in
as per Fufie, rudi, and Krystof on #lisp. (Google says
"don't be evil", and while we're not that good, at
least we can try not to be too annoying.:-)
Make chill.lisp not die on short package names. (inspired by
Rudi Schlatte's patch sbcl-devel 2003-01-04)

2003-01-04 15:51:02 View
[d7f613] (1.5 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
(This system state is seriously screwed up. It did build,
both on Linux and on OpenBSD, but signalled an
error after writing out sbcl.core on OpenBSD, and
although it runs a little both on Linux and on
OpenBSD, it hangs in the regression tests. It
also has some temporary hacks marked REMOVEME,
including one which suppresses PURIFY when
building the system (!).)
made the system build on OpenBSD again..
..stubbed stuff out as a quick fix to the problem of FFI to
64-bit stat.st_size
tried to make the system run on OpenBSD again..
..initialized current_dynamic_space, since it's now used
..added new assertions about GENCGC alloc_region stuff being
reset when it should be
renamed Lisp-level struct stat stuff to struct wrapped_stat
tried to tidy up Lisp-level stat stuff; removed mysterious
(STRING= NAME "") behavior from UNIX-STAT
added to help in low-level compile-and-try cycle
pulled alloc_region-is-reset logic out into separate
functions, and added more assertions on it (hunting
for a bug which broke the old assertions)
renamed gc_alloc_large to gc_alloc_possibly_large, and
gc_quick_alloc_large_unboxed to
enabled various GC checks, e.g. gencgc_zero_check=1
deleted unused (and bizarre..) gencgc_verify_zero_fill()
turned off PURIFY in order to get the system to build, since
PURIFY seems to be misbehaving (leaving INIT-FUNCTION
above the cutoff address..)

2001-05-15 14:08:31 View
[4cf50b] (1.6 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
made grovel-headers.c run automatically as part of the build
process (so that the automatically-generated file
output/stuff-groveled-from-headers.lisp replaced the
old symlink src/code/target-os-types.lisp)
redid grovel_headers.c DEFCONSTANT macro as function
removed 'ln -sf $sbcl_arch-linux-types.lisp' stuff (from
redid the definition of a stem in stems-and-flags.lisp,
as a relative path from SBCL base directory instead
of from the src/ subdirectory, so that it can now
refer to "output/stuff-groveled-from-headers.lisp

2001-05-08 00:13:54 View
[a530bb] (1.1 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman

Initial revision

2000-09-18 01:26:16 View

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