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# -*- makefile -*- for the C-level run-time support for SBCL

# This software is part of the SBCL system. See the README file for
# more information.
# This software is derived from the CMU CL system, which was
# written at Carnegie Mellon University and released into the
# public domain. The software is in the public domain and is
# provided with absolutely no warranty. See the COPYING and CREDITS
# files for more information.

include Config.x86-bsd

ASSEM_SRC += ldso-stubs.S

# Until sbcl-, we used "LINKFLAGS+=-static" here, which
# worked fine for most things, but LOAD-FOREIGN & friends require
# dlopen() etc., which in turn depend on dynamic linking of the
# runtime.
LINKFLAGS += -dynamic -Wl,--export-dynamic

OS_LIBS += -lutil

# use libthr (1:1 threading).  libpthread (m:n threading) does not work.
  #OS_LIBS += -lpthread
  OS_LIBS += -lthr

CFLAGS += -fno-omit-frame-pointer

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