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[80f222] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola Require robustness
* Generate smarter loader-stubs for ASDF-modules, so that
they can be REQUIRE'd even if ASDF:*CENTRAL-REGISTRY*
is cleared by the user.
* Correct INSTALL documentation: --core doesn't override

2004-08-08 12:32:04 Tree
[0223ed] by Nathan Froyd Nathan Froyd
Un-32-bit-ify bignum.lisp in various ways, even trying to
do a quick fixup on the comments to remove 32-bit
assumptions. Hasn't been tested with a real 64-bit
implementation, mind you.

There's a *lot* of code for doing bignum digit divides
(anything prefixed with #!+32x16-divide); no platform
currently uses it, but it might be worth twiddling with
the code to see if it's an improvement over the
VOP currently implementing %FLOOR. Certainly it'd be
nice to move more code into Lisp-land.

2004-08-08 03:13:53 Tree
[5aebec] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola REQUIRE SANITY
* Detect infinite recursion in require, and signal a
reasonable error before running out of file-handles.
* Prettier REQUIRE cross-reference in the manual, even
though this makes it slightly more brittle.

2004-08-07 18:21:05 Tree
[b2decb] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola Conditionally clean
which was accidentally left over from the first round of
COMPILER-ERROR refactoring.
* Indulge in a little OAOOM, getting the full
ENCAPSULATED-CONDITION into the cross-compiler, so that
we can have sensible error messages during build.

2004-08-07 16:57:54 Tree
[c2a1fc] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola Logically not quite
* Fix misplaced paren in the deftransform for
this is thoroughly caught by the old ones.

2004-08-07 16:52:22 Tree
[d1441f] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola NO-WORD-BYTES?

Oops: the recent move of N-WORD-BYTES from target/parms.lisp to
generic/early-vm.lisp broke build on Sparc, and in all likelihood on
PPC as well. Moved NUMBER-STACK-DISPLACEMENT a tad later in the
build (from target/parms.lisp to target/vm.lisp) and all is well
with Sparc. PPC not tested.

2004-08-07 12:20:10 Tree
[1ca02b] by Nathan Froyd Nathan Froyd
* SB!VM:WORD-LOGICAL-FOO transforms were being defined per-backend,
when in reality they can be shared. Make it so.
* The `length' slot in SB!VM:PRIM-SLOT-OBJECT wasn't being used;
delete it, but retain the :LENGTH option in
SB!VM:DEFINE-PRIMITIVE-OBJECT, because that *is* being used.
(mostly to generate offsets for GENESIS header files)

2004-08-07 02:24:48 Tree
[ee94b0] by Nathan Froyd Nathan Froyd
* Start using Helmut Eller's cute computed features expression
to distinguish between 32-bit and 64-bit pieces of code.
Particularly useful because architecture names are not
hardcoded; this idiom may have to be squirreled away in a
function somewhere.
* SB!VM:WORD-SHIFT and SB!VM:N-WORD-BYTES were being defined
the same way in every backend; move their definitions to
generic/early-vm for MORE OOAO. Tidy up comments in various
backends for remaining constants--you can almost see the
common code cut-and-pasted in each backend...

2004-08-06 22:55:16 Tree
[dc6275] by Nathan Froyd Nathan Froyd
Clean up a few more 32-bit assumptions and add exports for
useful constants

2004-08-06 18:43:45 Tree
[e06978] by Nathan Froyd Nathan Froyd
Various C fixes, mostly to make gcc a little quieter

2004-08-06 15:37:35 Tree
[bfe145] by Nathan Froyd Nathan Froyd
Handle FIXME in src/code/fop.lisp:
... bind it on entrance to LOAD-AS-FASL

2004-08-05 17:45:37 Tree
[efea15] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Fix bug in ctor optimization reported by Axel Schairer
cmucl-help 2004-08-05:
... quote the key initargs if we're going to call a :before
or :after initialization method;
... write a test case based on his example.

2004-08-05 16:47:23 Tree
[0f534f] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Inline allocation on the x86 isn't a universal win.
... OK, then, optimize for the increasingly-common case
(high-spec machines)
... and provide a backend-subfeature for those advanced users
who know where their sbcl is going to run.

2004-08-05 16:37:04 Tree
[21ff21] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Improve metacycle resolution (from test case from Bruno Haible
"vicious metacycle when ..." sbcl-devel 2004-08-02)
... find the slot reader specialized on the nearest class in the
CPL, not just in the identical class;
... incorporate Bruno's test case.

2004-08-05 13:12:56 Tree
[eba7d5] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Make work better on SunOS (thanks to Vincent

2004-08-05 10:43:08 Tree
[ace140] by Nathan Froyd Nathan Froyd
* Rename {32,64}BIT-LOGICAL-FOO to WORD-LOGICAL-FOO in all ports.
This builds and passes all tests on x86, but I am unsure about
its effects on other ports.
* Declare SB!VM:WORD with DEF!TYPE so it is known to both the
host compiler and the cross-compiler (and we can use it in
DEFKNOWN declarations, e.g.)
* Fix errors in debug.impure.lisp test

2004-08-04 22:15:31 Tree
[b9a60d] by Nathan Froyd Nathan Froyd
* add new COUNT transform on bitvectors; add tests for same
* begin to use SB!VM:WORD instead of (UNSIGNED-BYTE foo) where

2004-08-04 15:55:04 Tree
[5f07d8] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
... merge Juho Snellman's bignum-gcd improvement (sbcl-devel
... don't wait for sparc numbers since accidents occurred with
source trees.

2004-08-04 12:18:12 Tree
[8b3e66] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Been a while since I've done this...
... add forgotten waitpid-macros.c file from previous commit

2004-08-04 11:45:19 Tree
[14a1a0] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
SB-POSIX enhancements
... fork, wait and waitpid from Thomas Burdick (sbcl-devel
... C wrappers for waitpid macros
... chroot from Istvan Marko (sbcl-devel 2004-06-07)

2004-08-04 10:54:17 Tree
[61dc1d] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Implement INPUT-STREAM-P and OUTPUT-STREAM-P methods on
... should do the right thing, even in the presence of multiple

2004-08-04 10:45:31 Tree
[b192ae] by Nathan Froyd Nathan Froyd
... removed a fair number of numeric constants from alpha support
files, replacing them with their symbolic equivalents from
generic/early-vm.lisp. probably haven't rooted out all of
the offenders, but it's a start.

2004-08-03 17:28:47 Tree
[fe36a5] by Nathan Froyd Nathan Froyd
Alpha/Tru64 build now completes make-{host,target}
... fix new LOGCOUNT vop (*cringe*)
... setpgrp() fix for RUN-PROGRAM's C support
... -taso flag now properly passed to cc
... assembly code rearranged to satisfy Digital's as

2004-08-02 17:28:24 Tree
[c152a3] by Nathan Froyd Nathan Froyd
* add some new Alpha instructions
* provide a better LOGCOUNT for Alpha
* stop GENESIS from complaining about duplicate functions
on Alpha/Tru64

2004-08-02 16:23:54 Tree
[786897] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Merge partly-working fix for bug 61
... I think this fixes it on sparc, ppc and maybe mips.
... alpha is broken because it seems that just about every
backtrace has a "bogus stack frame", maybe arising from
the PAL stuff? Dunno.
... x86 is broken because, well, erm, dunno.

2004-08-02 12:29:29 Tree
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