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[bf5163] (170 Bytes) by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola

A git-only SBCL workflow

This updates the SBCL build and release process to be more compatible
with distributed development -- to facilitate moving the upstream
repository into Git.

A detailed description of what is going on here is in

Some highlights:

* Drop version.lisp-expr and branch-version.lisp-expr.

* Auto-generate the version at build time using information
from Git, incorporating:
- Last release number.
- Number of commits on origin/master since last release.
- Current branch, if there are commits not on origin/master.
- Number of commits not on origin/master.
- SHA1 id of the last commit.
- Optional -dirty marker.

* Update to work with Git.

* Make exclude the .git directory from tarballs.

* Release tags contain NEWS for that release.

2011-06-06 06:48:08 View
[6e3786] (155 Bytes) by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola remove bashishm from

Thanks to Jim Wise, lp#644702.

2010-09-30 07:12:47 View
[04d819] (153 Bytes) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Merge patch from James Bielman fixing self-build under Win32.
... a little bit of an accident ensued; I ran
canonicalize-whitespace on .sh files, which seemed to
work (except on until it scribbled all over, confusing the shell interpreter utterly.
... the resulting files have built the system, nevertheless.

2006-01-09 13:00:17 View
[babd45] (154 Bytes) by Thiemo Seufer Thiemo Seufer
Robustify the build system scripts.

2005-09-16 13:26:39 View
[b8f63d] (147 Bytes) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman

got confused and tagged -- I think -- as sbcl_0_6_10
redid distribution scripts so that .tar files expand into
sbcl-x.y.z/ instead of ./

2001-01-15 02:28:27 View

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