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[731da6] (sbcl_1_0_2) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman

release, will be tagged as sbcl_1_0_2

2007-01-25 15:51:34 Tree
[3c9981] by Gabor Melis Gabor Melis propagate (EQL X Y) constraints symmetrically
After an (EQL X Y) test both X and Y shall inherit the constraints
of the other. Thanks to jsnell for spotting this.

2007-01-23 16:04:53 Tree
[0e6e1b] by sa2c sa2c quote fix for old cpp
fix build with gcc 2.95.

2007-01-21 03:48:23 Tree
[ad0c59] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman Better forward reference handling in WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT ...

* ... for the case where a forward reference is made during
compilation, and the referenced function is loaded from a
pre-existing fasl while still inside the same compilation unit.
(Reported by Jeremy Brown).
* Tests.

2007-01-19 01:55:46 Tree
[8ac04a] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman More syscall wrappers on NetBSD, to work around C preprocessor abuse

* socket, dirent (patch from Richard Kreuter)

2007-01-19 00:07:26 Tree
[89c928] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman Speed up fopcompilation of functions

* Get rid of the extra wrapper lambda around fopcompiled functions
* This requires making sure that functions with xeps are never
let- or assignment-converted.
* Fix some whitespace damage, and a few tests that were making
invalid assumptions
* Compilation speedup seems to be about 5% for most cases, up to
20% on high debug levels.

2007-01-18 00:32:04 Tree
[81a75e] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman Fix READ/WRITE-SEQUENCE on simple-vectors

Broken by the recent bivalent stream fix.

* Arbitrarily decide that READ-SEQUENCE into a simple-vector
from a bivalent stream should read character data
* More tests

2007-01-17 12:40:54 Tree
[a78241] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman Documentation strings for autogenerated accessors

When generating CLOS accessors, use the :documentation of the
slot for the docstring of the method (Patch by Troels

2007-01-15 23:23:14 Tree
[4e5668] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman Fix SBCL on PPC with 65k pages.

It turns out that getpagesize() can return different values on
different Linux kernel versions, for example on PPC where the
ABI specifies the page size as 4k-65k. If getpagesize() and
SB!C:*BACKEND-PAGE-SIZE* disagree, the result will be a segfault
at startup. Fix this. (Thanks to David Woodhouse).

* SB!SYS:GET-PAGE-SIZE and os_vm_page_size use the hardcoded
SB!C:*BACKEND-PAGE-SIZE* on Linux, since getpagesize() is unreliable.
* Remove the obsolete LISPOBJ() kludge in genesis for forcing values to
* Fix buffer overflow in coreparse for sufficiently small page tables.
* Allow using 65k or gencgc pages (with a slightly less efficient
page table structure layout).

2007-01-15 22:15:48 Tree
[6c849e] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman Add syslog(3) and friends to SB-POSIX.

* Patch by Richard Kreuter

2007-01-15 22:09:10 Tree
[1b87bf] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman
Fix bug in the win32 ATANH implementation (patch by Pierre Mai)

2007-01-15 21:24:04 Tree
[b7ec0e] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman
Add limited support for LET and LET* to the fopcompiler (can only
be used for binding lexical variables which aren't closed over).
Speeds up McCLIM compilation by 5-10%.

2007-01-15 21:05:43 Tree
[45b5a2] by lisphacker lisphacker unwinding lisp stack frames when alien code is doing a
non-local exit.
Revert src/assembly/x86/assem-rtns.lisp changes of version
Add Win32 SEH frame to catch-block and unwind-block object
Changed VOPs in src/compiler/x86/nlx.lisp to set up SEH frames for
unwind-protect and unwind targets.
Added Win32-specific assembly-routines to handle unwinding and
unwind-protect frames.
Added an SEH frame to call_into_lisp.
Added a wrapper around the runtime exception handler to provide a
set of continuous stack frames over the system unwind logic (which
doesn't maintain EBP properly, thus breaking backtraces).
Added test cases for unwinding lisp stack frames from alien code.

2007-01-13 21:05:33 Tree
[520a92] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman
Add generic function STREAM-FILE-POSITION, used to provide an
implementation of FILE-POSITION for Gray streams (thanks to Eric

2007-01-11 21:41:59 Tree
[5e4ef2] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman
Yaroslav Kavenchuk).

2007-01-11 20:58:15 Tree
[db26c1] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman

2007-01-11 20:32:59 Tree
[37b5fc] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman
Signal an error for duplicate tags in a tagbody rather than looping
infinitely, allow using NIL as a go tag (thanks to Stephen Wilson)

2007-01-11 20:31:53 Tree
[d64e61] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman
The expansion of SB-SPROF:WITH-PROFILING was missing the parameter to
SAMPLES-MAX-SAMPLES, which broke :SHOW-PROGRESS (thanks to Kilian

2007-01-11 19:54:10 Tree
[3b9077] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman
Fix bug introduced in, where bogus debug variables generated
for closure variables whose value cell had not yet been allocated
could cause segfaults and gc crashes (reported by Cyrus Harmon and
Attila Lendvai on sbcl-devel)

2007-01-11 19:46:40 Tree
[afe909] by lisphacker lisphacker Remove Win32 exception trampolines
Remove context-restore trap.
Remove sigtrap_trampoline and exception_trampoline, sigtrap_emulator,
sigtrap_wrapper, and handle_win32_exception_wrapper.
Change handle_exception to call HANDLE-WIN32-EXCEPTION and
sigtrap_wrapper directly.
Remove the saved context and exception from the SEH frame structure.

2007-01-09 18:10:07 Tree
[935d6f] by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
logged bugs reported by Ariel Badichi

2007-01-09 16:27:20 Tree
[f68d0f] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman
Add RESTART-FRAME command to the debugger, reduce the runtime cost
of the debug catch tags.

* Change the debugger catch tag to funcall the thrown value, rather
than just returning it.
* Make RETURN throw a thunk that returns an appropriate value,
and RESTART-FRAME throw a thunk that calls the same function again
with the same arguments.
* Always emit the debug catch with a static tag, rather than consing
up a new tag every time the catch is entered.
* To ensure that the tags are unique, the RETURN and RESTART-FRAME
commands will first cons up a new tag, find the right catch-block
structure on the stack, assign the new tag to the tag slot, and
then throw the new tag.
* Don't add the catch tags to some uninteresting (usually
compiler-generated) functions, to reduce the compilation speed

2007-01-09 03:25:02 Tree
[d2193d] by Andreas Fuchs Andreas Fuchs Make sb-posix:mkstemp return both the FD and the file name.

mkstemp(3) takes a template string as an "out" parameter. The sb-posix
README states that this should be returned as a second value, so we do that.
(From a user report that the template string would not get properly
clobbered in post-1.0 sbcls. Ow.)

2007-01-08 14:29:41 Tree
[9ee939] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Collect output from building contribs into files in output/, for
easier remote debugging.
... also a typo fix for the manual from sb-bsd-sockets
documentation. (from Hedos on sbcl-devel)

2007-01-08 10:30:22 Tree
[984848] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman
Provide a better diagnostic for apparently broken
SB-BSD-SOCKETS installs. Also print a better error message and
return an error code from if any
contribs fail, so that these broken installs are less likely
to happen.

2007-01-08 03:26:20 Tree
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