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[a0329e] (4.0 kB) by Stas Boukarev Stas Boukarev set CC to cc, not gcc.

Platforms like FreeBSD no longer come with gcc, and clang is able to
compile SBCL reasonably well, don't default CC to gcc, but to cc.

2014-03-21 15:01:16 View
[25c176] (3.8 kB) by Francois-Rene Rideau Francois-Rene Rideau , pushed by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman

Deliver each contrib as a single FASL. Don't implicitly require ASDF or source code at runtime.

Also, move contrib output to obj/sbcl-home/, asdf cache to obj/asdf-cache/
Update sb-grovel and other contribs and their tests for asdf3.

Fixes lp#1132254.

2013-02-23 12:52:39 View
[1483e5] (3.6 kB) by David Lichteblau David Lichteblau

Allow use of SB-RT's mechanism for expected test failures in contribs

... In RT, use the list of expected test failures not just for
debugging output, but return as a primary result only whether
there are unexpected failures, with additional result values for
details on expected failures.

... Tweak so that the `test-passed' file, if
non-empty, can indicate a `successful' build of the contrib with
only known failures.

This mechanism is meant to follow in the footsteps of SBCL's main
test suite's mechanism for known failures, and is arguably not in
the original spirit of contribs as user contributions that must
build perfectly or fail to install entirely. However, for parts of
contrib/ which are very commonly used as a part of SBCL, it is hoped
that this new mechanism will aid work toward bug fixes in those
contribs rather than de-emphasize it.

2012-09-24 16:48:47 View
[b75bc9] (3.1 kB) by Stas Boukarev Stas Boukarev

Fix build of contribs on Windows.

Set CC variable in, not in, Make
defaults CC to "cc" making it impossible to conditionally set CC to gcc
if it's unset.

2012-07-28 15:15:57 View
[2b4757] (3.1 kB) by Jim Wise Jim Wise

Adjust for Solaris /bin/sh.

2011-11-10 15:05:43 View
[66cbca] (3.1 kB) by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola

make it possible to build only selected contribs

Not for users as such, but for poking at specific contribs with a faster

2011-11-10 11:23:51 View
[7d4072] (2.9 kB) by Alastair Bridgewater Alastair Bridgewater

Clean up build process for cross-compiled targets.

* Over time, the process for producing an SBCL build for another
target architecture or OS has become more difficult and less

* Move all argument processing to

* Have produce a file, output/build-config,
containing shell commands to set up important build parameters
such as where to find GNUMAKE, what SBCL_XC_HOST is, and so on.

* Source output/build-config in most of the make*.sh scripts.

* The practical upshot of all this is that a cross-compile
build is now a matter of alternating between target and host,
calling,,,,, and following up with a on the target, and you wind up with a
usable product. And, as does all of the arg
parsing, you can pass --xc-host= or --dynamic-space-size= or
whatever and it all works out.

2011-10-22 21:10:38 View
[7bc052] (2.9 kB) by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola ignore ASDF source registries when building contribs

Fixes bug 659105.

2010-10-14 16:43:32 View
[d1873c] (2.8 kB) by Gabor Melis Gabor Melis handling of potential corruptions

- add corruption_warning_and_maybe_lose that prints a warning and
loses depending on lose_on_corruption_p (false by default)
- use corruption_warning_and_maybe_lose when the control stack is
exhausted and on memory faults
- use corruption_warning_and_maybe_lose on the lisp handlers of
SIGILL, SIGBUS and SIGEMT, as invoking them is surely not a good
- add --lose-on-corruption as a runtime option
- add --disable-ldb as a runtime option
- update the man page and the user manual
- exit pseduo atomic properly and do pending interrupt if needed
- signalling HEAP-EXHAUSTED in a WITHOUT-INTERRUPTS is dangerous
- use --lose-on-corruption in make-target*.sh

Also, block blockable signals on lose() to prevent other threads,
timers and such from interfering. If only all threads could be stopped

2009-02-16 21:36:13 View
[102b7c] (2.8 kB) by Rudi Schlatte Rudi Schlatte Fix build for windows when source directory contains spaces

2007-10-08 11:02:52 View
[34eaed] (2.7 kB) by Rudi Schlatte Rudi Schlatte self-announcement
* patch by Yaroslav Kavenchuk

2007-04-17 08:39:51 View
[4de6d9] (2.6 kB) by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman Minor NetBSD changes

* Use gtar as the tar in asdf-install (thanks to Jon Buller)
* Fix bashism in (thanks to Magnus Henoch)

2007-02-12 03:12:40 View
[731da6] (sbcl_1_0_2) (2.6 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman

release, will be tagged as sbcl_1_0_2

2007-01-25 15:51:34 View
[9ee939] (2.6 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Collect output from building contribs into files in output/, for
easier remote debugging.
... also a typo fix for the manual from sb-bsd-sockets
documentation. (from Hedos on sbcl-devel)

2007-01-08 10:30:22 View
[984848] (2.5 kB) by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman
Provide a better diagnostic for apparently broken
SB-BSD-SOCKETS installs. Also print a better error message and
return an error code from if any
contribs fail, so that these broken installs are less likely
to happen.

2007-01-08 03:26:20 View
[1acfa2] (2.3 kB) by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola preliminary Windows installer builder
* Added "free software & no warranty" summary to top of COPYING.

* tools-for-build/rtf.lisp turns COPYING into License.rtf needed
for the installer.

* tools-for-build/wxs.lisp generates the XML from which
the installer is built.

* refactor good-for-lisp pathname logic from

* builds sbcl.msi into output/,
assuming WiX (2.0) is installed in $PROGRAMFILES/WiX or

The installer installs sbcl.exe, sbcl.core, and contribs
into $PROGRAMFILES/Steel Bank Common Lisp/<sbcl-version>/
by default, though the location is configurable.

.lisp and .fasl files are associated with the installed
SBCL, action being to start SBCL and load the file.

The installation directory is added to PATH.

SBCL_HOME is set to the installation directory.

A shortcut is added to the start-menu. The shortcut refers
to the core explicitly, and will continue to work even if
a newer SBCL is installed.

2006-06-01 09:14:25 View
[2365c1] (2.6 kB) by Rudi Schlatte Rudi Schlatte
new toplevel options --no-sysinit, --no-userinit to inhibit
loading the corresponding init files
... also fixes the win32 build failure that motivated this change

2006-04-05 07:46:56 View
[9f809e] (2.6 kB) by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman
Fix contrib build on Solaris (and other platforms where /bin/sh
really is a Posix sh).

2006-04-05 06:51:06 View
[e0f344] (2.6 kB) by Rudi Schlatte Rudi Schlatte
Make contrib modules build on win32/cygwin
... resolve bogus /cygdrive/x/... paths

2006-03-28 14:35:40 View
[b06500] (2.5 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
In this exciting world of Windows support, we might have files
named *.FASL not found by a find for *.fasl.
... and, argh, -iname is a GNUism. Try harder to delete things
in contrib/ anyway.
... tidy up asdf-stub.lisp while I'm at it.

2006-03-17 15:34:51 View
[e9a993] (2.2 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Change the way we find our asdf-based contribs, using a custom
*system-definition-search-function* rather than symlinks.
... $SBCL_HOME/systems directory can go away;
... various changes in build and install scripts.

2006-02-01 10:27:54 View
[04d819] (2.3 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Merge patch from James Bielman fixing self-build under Win32.
... a little bit of an accident ensued; I ran
canonicalize-whitespace on .sh files, which seemed to
work (except on until it scribbled all over, confusing the shell interpreter utterly.
... the resulting files have built the system, nevertheless.

2006-01-09 13:00:17 View
[babd45] (2.3 kB) by Thiemo Seufer Thiemo Seufer
Robustify the build system scripts.

2005-09-16 13:26:39 View
[568214] (2.3 kB) by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola various error &co reporting improvements and build tweaks
* print the cell name for CELL-ERRORs when *PRINT-ESCAPE* is true.
* print just the filename, not the SHARED-OBJECT structure for failed
* improve our Darwin dlerror(3)-shim reporting; also clean up warnings from
ppc-darwin-dlsim.c and reindent it for 80 columns.
* move reporting of failed contribs to, and re-add
--disable-debugger, which had accidentally fallen off.

2005-07-03 13:51:06 View
[40859b] (1.9 kB) by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola restore buildability on PPC
* missing VOPs from arith.lisp are here, I hope.

2005-07-03 01:11:04 View
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