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[7646ae] (6.0 kB) by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
Some cosmetic cleanups to make this a better place to start a
new x86-64 branch

... remove large chunks of long-float: it didn't work anyway

... parms.lisp happens fractionally earlier so that we can
defconstant nil-value slightly more cleanly

some raw 3s and 4s get made into functions of n-lowtag-bits

2004-04-05 23:16:18 View
[074ba0] (6.2 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Merge patch (Perry Metzger sbcl-devel 2004-03-27) for partial
NetBSD support (some work also due to Valtteri Vuorikoski)

2004-03-29 10:36:30 View
[96399d] (6.2 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Grovel errnos rather than (wrongly, for *BSD) hardcoding them.

2003-12-06 16:11:32 View
[dcf597] (5.9 kB) by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
"Well, the hours are pretty good"

Merged the resistance-is-futex branch: see commit messages on
branch for scary details

"... but now I come to think about it, most of the actual minutes
are pretty lousy"

2003-11-27 06:21:04 View
[4ed3f0] (6.1 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Completely boring housekeeping commit
... rename grovel_headers.c to grovel-headers.c, as that underscore
was the only non-logical-pathname-compliant character in
the whole of the source and objects filenames.
... delete all redundant sb!vm: prefixes throughout
... nothing interesting at all, in fact. Builds and passes tests
on at least x86 and sparc.

2003-11-10 23:26:37 View
[2675ad] (6.1 kB) by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
Merge most of atropos-branch: miscellaneous (mostly threading)
fixes that were probably a little too risky for late in 0.8.4

doc/ - fix up some of the sgml errors that sourceforge keeps
mailing me about

New function release-spinlock that only changes the lock value
if we owned the spinlock, so good for unwind-protect cleanups
when lock acquisition failed

get-spinlock release-spinlock current-thread-id could all win
from being inlinable

Use a RT signal (SIG_DEQUEUE) for resuming threads that were
on queues, instead of having SIGCONT do both this and the
resume-after-gc task.

Scattered commentary describing the state of the signal mask
in various interesting places

In gencgc alloc, only install a deferred handler for GC if
there was no previous handler for anything else. This fixes
a longstanding bug where the GC thread would eat all cpu while
waiting indefinitely for othr threads to stop.

Add SIG_STOP_FOR_GC to the blockable list

interrupt_maybe_gc_int: enable signals before calling SUB-GC,
or the locking that sub-gc does is going to interact badly.

Minor rearrangement to parent thread to stop it having to wake
up on every GC

Add grovel_headers line for SIG-DEQUEUE. OAOOM alert...

2003-10-02 23:13:08 View
[778877] (5.9 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Some fixes from our most compliant platform(!)
... fix the tests to DWIMeant, even under Bourne sh
... adjust the signal conditionals to reflect what I think is
the truth about their availability

2003-09-03 08:41:53 View
[5a2b65] (5.7 kB) by Alexey Dejneka Alexey Dejneka
* Take signal numbers from C land;
* use numeric constants instead of keywords to identify
signals (as per DB and WHN mails to sbcl-devel 2003-08-31);

2003-09-01 07:55:42 View
[19e8b8] (4.7 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
merged Nathan Froyd's "various constants in SB-UNIX" patch
(sbcl-devel 2002-08-27)

2002-08-31 23:36:57 View
[686043] (3.0 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Merged NJF "implicit function definition cleanup" patch (from
sbcl-devel 2002-03-26)
... used Ingvar's fix for preprocessor stuff in grovel_headers.c
Also minor change to to allow use under vanilla sh

2002-04-04 16:07:50 View
[0d669e] (3.0 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Merged support for SPARC/SunOS (aka Solaris)
... added relevant runtime and -os.lisp files;
... cleaned up sparc backend runtime, actually _using_ the
abstractions that were written for the SPARC/Linux
... added some #includes for compilation (nothing breaks on
Linux, but BSD has not yet been tested;
... removed some bash-/ksh-isms from build and test scripts;
... abstraced wait3() constants into grovel_headers and

2002-03-25 18:25:03 View
[e33fb8] (2.9 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman

changed publicly-visible DEF-FOO-style names to DEFINE-FOO:
DEF-SOURCE-CONTEXT (and a few other lexically-similar
DEF-FOO-style names as well)
defined deprecated wrappers using the old names
defined DEPRECATION-WARNING to support this

2001-12-12 22:54:49 View
[fdf07d] (2.8 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
(realized I was confused about DEFAULT-DIRECTORY ('cause it's
in SB-INT, not SB-INT) so it doesn't need to be
marked deprecated after all. As I get older, perhaps I
should work on smaller systems..)
deleted unused %SET-DEFAULT-DIRECTORY stuff
deleted related Unix chdir() stuff
rewrote UNIX-CURRENT-DIRECTORY to use getcwd() and do its
own error-handling; got rid of DEFAULT-DIRECTORY
deleted related Unix getwd() stuff
restored SIZE-T (but this time through grovel_headers.c)
in order to interface to getcwd() more cleanly
deleted commented-out clutter in ldso-stubs.S
POSIX-GETCWD/ variant to do the old CMU-CL-style
trailing #\/ thing

2001-05-30 23:02:35 View
[d7f613] (2.8 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
(This system state is seriously screwed up. It did build,
both on Linux and on OpenBSD, but signalled an
error after writing out sbcl.core on OpenBSD, and
although it runs a little both on Linux and on
OpenBSD, it hangs in the regression tests. It
also has some temporary hacks marked REMOVEME,
including one which suppresses PURIFY when
building the system (!).)
made the system build on OpenBSD again..
..stubbed stuff out as a quick fix to the problem of FFI to
64-bit stat.st_size
tried to make the system run on OpenBSD again..
..initialized current_dynamic_space, since it's now used
..added new assertions about GENCGC alloc_region stuff being
reset when it should be
renamed Lisp-level struct stat stuff to struct wrapped_stat
tried to tidy up Lisp-level stat stuff; removed mysterious
(STRING= NAME "") behavior from UNIX-STAT
added to help in low-level compile-and-try cycle
pulled alloc_region-is-reset logic out into separate
functions, and added more assertions on it (hunting
for a bug which broke the old assertions)
renamed gc_alloc_large to gc_alloc_possibly_large, and
gc_quick_alloc_large_unboxed to
enabled various GC checks, e.g. gencgc_zero_check=1
deleted unused (and bizarre..) gencgc_verify_zero_fill()
turned off PURIFY in order to get the system to build, since
PURIFY seems to be misbehaving (leaving INIT-FUNCTION
above the cutoff address..)

2001-05-15 14:08:31 View
[63fcb9] (2.8 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
made tests/ more OpenBSD-friendly
more Alpha patch tweaking..
..removed extra "#define QSHOW 1" so that C-level
describe_internal_error() becomes a debugging-only
thing again
..copied boilerplate text into the head of the new files
(and moved some information from the head of the new
files to CREDITS)
..lotso cosmetic formatting changes
..deleted src/compiler/alpha/print.lisp, since it's
redundant with src/compiler/alpha/show.lisp
..deleted "dead file" src/runtime/alpha-validate.h
..removed in-the-flow-of-control EXPORTs and USE-PACKAGEs
(in favor of centralized control in

2001-05-09 00:02:00 View
[4cf50b] (2.4 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
made grovel-headers.c run automatically as part of the build
process (so that the automatically-generated file
output/stuff-groveled-from-headers.lisp replaced the
old symlink src/code/target-os-types.lisp)
redid grovel_headers.c DEFCONSTANT macro as function
removed 'ln -sf $sbcl_arch-linux-types.lisp' stuff (from
redid the definition of a stem in stems-and-flags.lisp,
as a relative path from SBCL base directory instead
of from the src/ subdirectory, so that it can now
refer to "output/stuff-groveled-from-headers.lisp

2001-05-08 00:13:54 View
[dfa55a] (2.4 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
NOTE: This is a slightly screwed-up checkin, which won't
quite build as is, because the checked-in changes from
the Alpha port expect various src/code/*types.lisp
files (e.g. src/code/x86-linux-types.lisp) which
Daniel Barlow created by hand once and for all. Those
are in my working directory but I didn't check them in
because almost immediately, probably, I
expect to rearrange things so that the build
process generates a types file on every run of So since CVS add/delete is a little mixed up,
I thought I'd just skip it, even though it means that
this version isn't quite buildable unless you grab
those files from DB's patch.
merged Daniel Barlow's port to the Alpha CPU sbcl-devel
moved CIRCULAR-LIST-P to early-extensions.lisp (since it
logically belongs there, and DB's new definition,
unlike the old one, doesn't have a physical dependence
on IGNORE-ERRORS which prevents it from being there)
merged boot-extensions.lisp, early-extensions.lisp, and
late-extensions.lisp, since there's no longer any
distinction between the files
deleted CVS files from sbcl-alpha-extra-files.tar, since
they were probably an oversight, I think
also src/compiler/alpha/z050.pdf:-|
The patch change
- (/hexstr arguments)
+ #!+sb-show (/hexstr arguments)
shouldn't be necessary because /SHOW, like all the
/FOO macros, is already conditional on SB-SHOW. So I
undid this change (and added some comments in
src/code/show.lisp explaining the intended behavior
of /FOO macros).
merged stat_wrapper.c into the relatively new, related
wrap.c file; deleted stat_wrapper.h since stat wrappers
seem never intended to be used by C code anyway
renamed build-tools/ to tools-for-build/ in the interest of
unambiguous (even painfully unambiguous)
globally-visible names
tweaked tests/alien.impure.lisp so that the test uses a
non-GENCGC-dependent variable (instead of having to
have the test conditional on #+GENCGC).

2001-05-07 20:16:21 View