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# -*- makefile -*-
CFLAGS = -Dppc -g -Wall -O2 -no-cpp-precomp -fdollars-in-identifiers
OS_SRC = bsd-os.c os-common.c ppc-darwin-os.c ppc-darwin-dlshim.c ppc-darwin-langinfo.c
OS_LIBS = -lSystem -lc -lm
OS_OBJS = ppc-darwin-rospace.o

CC = gcc

ASSEM_SRC = ppc-assem.S ldso-stubs.S
ARCH_SRC = ppc-arch.c

CPP = cpp -no-cpp-precomp

# KLUDGE: in OS X 10.3, Apple started putting the heap right where we
# expect our read-only space mapped. This hack causes the linker to
# place a zero-fill-on-demand segment in the same place and size as
# read-only-space, which is the only thing capable of keeping malloc
# out of this range.
OS_LINK_FLAGS = -dynamic `cat ppc-darwin-link-flags` -twolevel_namespace -bind_at_load

GC_SRC= cheneygc.c

CLEAN_FILES += ppc-darwin-mkrospace ppc-darwin-fix-rospace ppc-darwin-link-flags

ppc-darwin-mkrospace: ppc-darwin-mkrospace.c
	$(CC) -g -Wall -pedantic -o $@ $<

ppc-darwin-fix-rospace: ppc-darwin-fix-rospace.c
	$(CC) -g -Wall -pedantic -o $@ $<

ppc-darwin-rospace.o ppc-darwin-link-flags: ppc-darwin-mkrospace
	./ppc-darwin-mkrospace > ppc-darwin-link-flags

.PHONY: after-grovel-headers

# Fix the sbcl runtime to avoid Panther placing the heap where
# it wants read only space (in the first 32 megabytes, where it
# can be absolute-branched to with BA.)  Must be done after 
# grovel-headers, because Apple's nm is broken.
after-grovel-headers: ppc-darwin-fix-rospace

# Fortunatly make-target-1.sh does a make clean all the time.
# Otherwise we would have to make sure that sbcl gets rebuilt without
# the readonlyspace hack before groveling headers again.

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