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[08e218] (1.6 kB) by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
A full and final answer[*] to all the people who keep asking
for slightly tangential software to be added to contrib: to
wit, a contrib module to automate the downloading and
installing of packages that are _not_ part of contrib.

* (require 'asdf-install)
* (asdf-install:install 'xlunit)

$ sbcl-asdf-install xlunit

See contrib/asdf-install/README for more details and scary
security-related muttering.

so that files don't have to be written such that the
application starts as soon as they're loaded

[*] Ha!

2003-08-10 19:25:02 View
[22c1de] (1.6 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Improvements to build technology inspired by Nikodemus Siivola
(sbcl-devel 2003-07-20):
... centralize GNU Make finding functionality, and use it
... remove bashism from

2003-07-28 08:10:32 View
[ca9a15] (1.6 kB) by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
Add :force t to asdf-dependent contrib modules

Change to rename old binary/core files instead of
copying them - does not kill running SBCL programs in such a
gruseome way

Create $SBCL_HOME/site-systems in

... OK, that's IT, I am DONE for 0.7.13

2003-02-24 04:33:00 View
[2066cf] (1.4 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Eleventh hour accommodation to Solaris sh(1)
... export FOO=bar -> FOO=bar; export FOO
... more test -e -> test -f
... b=${1:?foo bar} -> b=${1:?"foo bar"}
... yay for portable shell programmes.

2003-02-23 16:07:33 View
[3b91bf] (1.4 kB) by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
It's easier to port a shell than a shell script. -- Larry Wall

Contrib-related fixes -
... multiple uses of test -e are now test -f
... don't run make test in install, it's more work than we
want to do as root
... instead, touch $i/test-passed in
(if, indeed, it has) and test for presence of that file
when installing
... Rationalise AF-* constants in sb-bsd-sockets: AF-LOCAL
is the One True Name.
... In sb-bsd-sockets build, don't hardcode gcc to be in /usr/bin

2003-02-21 16:21:02 View
[cec71f] (1.4 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
More patching
... $gnumake everywhere
... ${GNUMAKE} not $(GNUMAKE}
Export FUN-INFO-DERIVE-TYPE and friends
... now DEFOPTIMIZER can work in any package that uses SB-C
Install new contrib: SB-ROTATE-BYTE
... implements <>
... has compiler logic to do so efficiently for (byte 32 0) on
x86: see the README.

2003-02-11 15:42:34 View
[98f3f6] (1.4 kB) by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
and the rest ...

2003-02-10 15:31:13 View
[edc8da] (1.4 kB) by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
Changes to PROVIDE/REQUIRE to make them (a) conform to ANSI,
(b) any use...
... cease nonstandardly downcasing elements in *MODULES*
... add a list of *MODULE-PROVIDER-FUNCTIONS* which the user
can hang functions off to make REQUIRE do whatever he
wants it to do.
... its default member knows how to load files in

First pass at a contrib infrastructure...
... change to do new and exciting things, and as a
side benefit, able to install other than into /usr/local
... amend INSTALL instructions to match

Two contrib modules...
... asdf here is a direct copy of the one in cclan, but
despite being portable and therefore not really
qualifying, will be v. useful for loading the others
... bsd-sockets (db-sockets by any other name) is a fairly
low-level interface to the BSD socket API: high-level
interfaces (e.g. ACL-compatible, or CLOCC PORT) could be
built on top of it without getting dirty with ALIEN

2003-02-07 02:11:09 View
[dea9bd] (268 Bytes) by Alexey Dejneka Alexey Dejneka
Fix BUG 181

2002-09-21 05:43:20 View
[a530bb] (163 Bytes) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman

Initial revision

2000-09-18 01:26:16 View

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