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[318900] by Rudi Schlatte Rudi Schlatte
Make double-channel simple streams work
... conditionalize flush-buffer etc. for code shared between
single-channel and double-channel simple streams
(Thanks to David Lichteblau for the reports)

2003-09-25 12:12:10 Tree
[81ccc8] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
contrib/ updates for Solaris^WSunOS, as per Vincent Arksteijn
sbcl-devel 2003-09-25
... conditionalize distrust-length on SUNOS feature, which exists,
as opposed to SOLARIS which doesn't
... make def-to-lisp emit CL:NIL, not just NIL.
... try to figure out what the solaris clause meant in

2003-09-25 09:40:55 Tree
[68da29] by Rudi Schlatte Rudi Schlatte

* Merged patch "speeding up simple-stream creation" from David
Lichteblau (sbcl-devel Sep 20, 2003)

* Conditionalize comments in sb-posix constants definition on

2003-09-21 20:01:30 Tree
[c082e2] by Kevin Rosenberg Kevin Rosenberg

fix errant #\! from debugging code

2003-09-21 01:43:35 Tree
[4ac6ca] by Kevin Rosenberg Kevin Rosenberg
* Compilation changes for contrib/sb-bsd-sockets for SuSE AMD64
Compilation is now successful on this platform, but two test cases
currently fail.

2003-09-21 01:29:59 Tree
[d4e910] by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
asdf-install gets a good deal smarter about GPG signatures: it's
now usable for installing CLiki package even from non-CCLAN places

NEWS file updates for GC changes

Minor changes to 'Beyond ANSI' chapter in manual

2003-09-21 00:52:00 Tree
[d4b738] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Cosmetic fixes
... document MacOS X's stack size limitation in README
... annoying placement of a close quote in

2003-09-15 16:56:13 Tree
[57500f] by Kevin Rosenberg Kevin Rosenberg
* Add more description for the array describe-object method
* Eliminate warnings from sbcl-asdf-install when asdf is present
in the core file

2003-09-15 10:12:44 Tree
[57e21c] by Alexey Dejneka Alexey Dejneka
* Split CONTINUATION into CTRAN (control part) and LVAR (value
... remove :DELETED and :DELETED-BLOCK-START continuation
... remove bug reported by Paul Dietz on sbcl-devel

2003-09-15 09:21:37 Tree
[962663] by Rudi Schlatte Rudi Schlatte

sb-posix: define msync and its constants
... use it in sb-simple-streams

2003-09-07 15:24:00 Tree
[47aee4] by Rudi Schlatte Rudi Schlatte

Remove files (cl.lisp superseded by impl.lisp, simple-streams.lisp
broken in parts)

2003-09-07 14:19:08 Tree
[cc9a73] by Rudi Schlatte Rudi Schlatte

Merge cmucl simple-streams

... major code shifting: simple-streams.lisp is no more; its contents
have moved into several files, each for a specific kind of stream
... file layout is now the same as cmucl pcl/simple-streams directory
for easier trading of fixes / functionality
... new functionality: external formats (need some work still, but
infractructure is there), string-streams
... Some functionality still missing (see TODO file)

2003-09-07 14:10:26 Tree
[303253] by Kevin Rosenberg Kevin Rosenberg
* Apply Nikodemus's patch for cl-linedit
* Minor changes to inspect.lisp

2003-09-07 05:21:59 Tree
[3a38ef] by Alexey Dejneka Alexey Dejneka
* Fix bug reported by Paul Dietz in optimizer for (EXPT ...
... different treating of integer and complex arguments;
* SB-BSD-SOCKETS: really grovel SO_NO_CHECK.

2003-09-03 09:05:02 Tree
[835768] by Alexey Dejneka Alexey Dejneka
* Fix bug 277: IGNORE/IGNORABLE declarations should work for
symbol macros;
* fix bug in CERROR recognition inside RESTART-CASE.

2003-09-02 11:11:46 Tree
[40176e] by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
Duh. A working version of socket-accept would be an improvement

2003-09-02 02:39:02 Tree
[b7eed5] by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
Exciting gencgc hacking: SB-SYS:WITH-PINNED-OBJECTS

When passing Lisp objects to foreign code, it is important
that GC doesn't change the object's address as the foreign
code's pointers to it won't be updated. Traditionally this is
done using WITHOUT-GCING, but that's not ideal in a threaded
system where one thread may be doing a blocking alien call and
other threads would like to continue as normal.

So, instead we shove pointers to the important objects on the
C stack where they will cause the pages pointed to to be
pinned in place using preserve_pointers. Additionally we make
a small change to gencgc to ensure that they _stay_ pinned in
subsequent GCs

On ports that use cheneygc we can't do this, so
these ports don't have threads anyway, that's not a major

Small updates to doc/internals-notes/threading-specials,
slightly larger updates to comments regarding ALLOCATION
and PSEUDO-ATOMIC macros

Documentation update to the FFI chapter

2003-09-02 00:08:14 Tree
[f51d3f] by Andreas Fuchs Andreas Fuchs
Contrib frobs
... add a safeguard to sb-grovel:
issue a STYLE-WARNING when a constant can not be
... grovel SIG* names in sb-posix; this includes SIGRT* names
on platforms where they are defined.

2003-09-01 21:22:14 Tree
[e29e89] by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
Restore the GC hooks. *BEFORE-GC-HOOKS* and *AFTER-GC-HOOKS*
are run with interrupts disabled and all other threads
paused. They should take no arguments. This means that
finalization works again: three cheers.

Remove all trace of *GC-NOTIFY-{BEFORE,AFTER,STREAM}* : if you
want to notify the user that G is being C, use a hook.

test/threads.impure.lisp contains a new test which is known
to fail. Don't feel bad about deleting it

Fix asdf-install to actually chase dependencies recursively
instead of just finding the first one then stopping. Now it
seems to be able to install Araneida

Restore inadvertently chopped line to version.lisp-expr

2003-08-28 15:32:28 Tree
[b42068] by Alexey Dejneka Alexey Dejneka
... implement WRITE-SEQUENCE for single channel streams;
... fix bug in tests, causing random test failures;
* add declarations to SCALE-EXPONENT;
* remove obsolete type declarations in MIX;
* change type inference for iteration-like variables: if
interval type is successfuly derived, ignore other inferred

2003-08-26 08:58:30 Tree
[1f7401] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Mostly contrib frobs
... merge sb-grovel string handling (Andreas Fuchs sbcl-devel
... hack at sb-posix designator concept until it doesn't blow
up when given list types;
... implement opendir/readdir/closedir in sb-posix
[not yet properly: everything is done with (* T) rather
than (* DIR) and (* DIRENT), but the interface is fine]
... add a FINISH-OUTPUT to sb-rt, so that the failing tests are
printed before the backtrace, not during;
... print ALIEN-VALUEs' alien type in PRINT-OBJECT

2003-08-19 13:04:39 Tree
[77af6d] by Alexey Dejneka Alexey Dejneka
* New macro SB!INT:BINDING*, uniting LET*, M-V-BIND and AWHEN;
* add simple inference of iteration variable type;
* SAME-LEAF-REF-P: look through CAST chains;
* wrap all uses of handle_rt_signal into #!+sb-thread;
* (SB-ACLREPL): CD-CMD takes one argument, not two.

2003-08-18 07:53:35 Tree
[b7cfa0] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Merge patch from Brian Mastenbrook for better dlfoo handling
on Darwin (plus more-likely cpp options, add boilerplate)
... reindent to 4 spaces;
ASSQ patch from observation by PFD sbcl-devel 2003-08-16
... (NOT (NULL PAIR)) plus explanatory comment;
Pragmatism: since not all lisps implement arrays with NIL
specialized-array-element-type, our cross-compiler version needs
to be more robust. Symptoms: building sbcl/ppc from openmcl loses
in cold-init; sbcl/sparc from sbcl-0.7.x hangs in cross-compiler
compilation of STRING
... since we don't need any (ARRAY NIL)s to cross-compile SBCL,
the answer to SIMPLE-ARRAY-NIL-P for constant-folding
purposes in the cross-compiler is always NIL.

2003-08-16 21:46:30 Tree
[6b7b02] by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
Implement INTERRUPT-THREAD, which forces another thread to
execute a function supplied by the caller.

In the process, design a mostly entirely new scheme for
calling Lisp code as a result of a handled signal: instead of
calling into Lisp directly, frob the signal context and the
stack to arrange that the Lisp is called after the signal
handler itself has returned. This is expected to be
applicable to signal handlers generally (and will have portability
benefits), but needs them to be changed around to call it.
Presently it's used only for interrupt-thread (SIGRTMIN)
and control stack exhaustion (one branch of SIGSEGV)

In principle, all you need do to use this in other places is
call return_to_lisp_function in the signal handler, with the
context and the function object that you wish to be called.
For the x86 you also need to make sure the signal is being
handled on the alternate signal stack, otherwise you'll
overwrite your own stack frame.

2003-08-16 20:38:40 Tree
[559d98] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Build fixes for asdf-install. Has installed a module via cliki for
me, so maybe it works now.

2003-08-14 14:06:25 Tree
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