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[1b650b] (8.1 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Fix the ASH bugs for mips (I think)
... just one vop to fix
While I'm at it, delete unused or bogus SXHASH assembly
Add mips to INSTALL as suggested by Lars Brinkhoff.

2003-09-06 11:03:20 View
[22b819] (8.0 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes

CLISP build megapatch
... mostly putting #-SB-XC in front of :COMPILE-TOPLEVEL,
because clisp gives a full warning for function and
macro redefinition;
... workaround clisp's buggy pretty printer by not exercising it
as much: use (INHIBIT-WARNINGS 3);
... explicit :INITIAL-ELEMENT 0 when we're using 0 to mean
"uninitialized" in MAKE-ARRAY;
... SPECIAL-OPERATOR-P isn't a good test on the host for what
can become a target macro;
... slightly more portable floating point logic:
Explicitly set *READ-DEFAULT-FLOAT-FORMAT* so that we
don't create host LONG-FLOATs by accident;
LOAD-TIME-VALUE magic for negative floating point zeros;
Minor associated text file frobbage
... braindump some unrelated TODO items
Obligatory runtime code improvement
... fix one warning in gencgc.h

2003-05-05 14:09:03 View
[edc8da] (8.0 kB) by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
Changes to PROVIDE/REQUIRE to make them (a) conform to ANSI,
(b) any use...
... cease nonstandardly downcasing elements in *MODULES*
... add a list of *MODULE-PROVIDER-FUNCTIONS* which the user
can hang functions off to make REQUIRE do whatever he
wants it to do.
... its default member knows how to load files in

First pass at a contrib infrastructure...
... change to do new and exciting things, and as a
side benefit, able to install other than into /usr/local
... amend INSTALL instructions to match

Two contrib modules...
... asdf here is a direct copy of the one in cclan, but
despite being portable and therefore not really
qualifying, will be v. useful for loading the others
... bsd-sockets (db-sockets by any other name) is a fairly
low-level interface to the BSD socket API: high-level
interfaces (e.g. ACL-compatible, or CLOCC PORT) could be
built on top of it without getting dirty with ALIEN

2003-02-07 02:11:09 View
[8494ca] (7.6 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
Try harder to find GNU make (instead of first running, then bailing out in
as per Fufie, rudi, and Krystof on #lisp. (Google says
"don't be evil", and while we're not that good, at
least we can try not to be too annoying.:-)
Make chill.lisp not die on short package names. (inspired by
Rudi Schlatte's patch sbcl-devel 2003-01-04)

2003-01-04 15:51:02 View
[4d5026] (7.6 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Fix bug 113
... allow logical hosts to be dumped, as references to the name
of the host
... test for dumping behaviour
Fix bug 174
... when the bad directive character has a name, print it as
part of the error message
Save a massive 20k or so on core size by zapping globaldb
entries for cold-init symbols
Various text file frobs and comments

2002-09-05 13:15:48 View
[550e5a] (7.5 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
finished translating the FFI chapter of the manual from LaTeX
to valid (though extremely clunky) DocBook up to date
(I hope) w.r.t. current SBCL behavior
made *SOFT-HEAP-LIMIT* default not NIL (after my application
overflowed the heap)
deleted bug 96 because it was implicitly a reference to the
old default implementation of TRACE in terms of
breakpointing the target function, and no longer
really applies now that the wrapper-based TRACE is the
default. TRACE still has the bug 67 problem which
keeps it from being used on functions which play a
role in the implementation of TRACE, but no longer
has a problem with functions just because they're
compiled into a particular physical representation.

2002-07-15 20:52:47 View
[740af3] (7.6 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Some cleanups for OpenMCL compilation
... change one IGNORE to IGNORABLE
... delete FIXME from errors (OpenMCL can compile that now)
... NB: it still doesn't quite work for some reason;
investigation is ongoing...
Text file updates

2002-06-18 08:05:45 View
[db0691] (7.7 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Merge TONYMS patch for ignored variables sbcl-devel 2002-06-06
... update for new def!constant definition
... delete eval-stack-related stuff in non-x86 trees too
Fixup in ldso-stubs.S to allow building with gcc again
... #define LANGUAGE_ASSEMBLY (but it might be better to put this
in Config files eventually)
Document build successes on SPARC

2002-06-07 12:14:55 View
[f0d511] (7.6 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
changed --noprogrammer behavior to support people building
interactive cores noninteractively...
...renamed --noprogrammer to --disable-debugger

2002-06-06 14:08:09 View
[86210c] (7.3 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
finally getting to CLISP bootstrapping...
...merged CSR patch "more controversial fixes" from "Re: CLISP
compilation" sbcl-devel 2002-04-15 (which don't look
very controversial except for the **CURRENT-SEGMENT**
code, which is going to have to be fixed somehow and
for which this fix looks plausible)
...made comment fixes mostly related to CSR patch
...fixed "#+"-should-be-"#!+" typos in parms.lisp

2002-04-25 19:26:54 View
[e02c32] (7.5 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman added CODE-COMPONENT slot for NO-DEBUG-INFO condition

2000-11-01 01:10:03 View
[6d9ecc] (7.2 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman

added various /SHOW0-ish statements to help when debugging internal
error handling

can become MAKE-ARRAY, since M-S-A is something to make it easier to
build parts of the cross-compiler under the cross-compilation host,
and DEFUN INTERNAL-ERROR-ARGUMENTS is in x86-vm.lisp, which is not
part of the cross-compiler, and so is never compiled by the
cross-compilation host.

changed MAKE-VALID-LISP-OBJ from a MACROLET macro to a global
function, for clarity and easier debugging

deleted unused SET-VALUE macro from MACROLET in DEFERR

deleted code marked REMOVEME, accidentally left over from previous
debugging exercises

CONTEXT-REGISTER functions to use unsigned representations instead of
signed representations, to conform to implicit assumptions in the
debug-int code inherited from CMU CL. (Without this, new type errors
are generated in infinite regress when we try to handle errors
involving negative fixnums, e.g. (BUTLAST NIL -1).)

tweaked stuff in test/ directory a little bit in anticipation of
setting up real regression tests

2000-09-20 18:50:02 View
[a530bb] (6.7 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman

Initial revision

2000-09-18 01:26:16 View

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