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[25c176] (472 Bytes) by Francois-Rene Rideau Francois-Rene Rideau , pushed by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman

Deliver each contrib as a single FASL. Don't implicitly require ASDF or source code at runtime.

Also, move contrib output to obj/sbcl-home/, asdf cache to obj/asdf-cache/
Update sb-grovel and other contribs and their tests for asdf3.

Fixes lp#1132254.

2013-02-23 12:52:39 View
[d6db46] (490 Bytes) by Cyrus Harmon Cyrus Harmon more asdf logical pathname cleanup

* use #p"..." for logical pathnames instead of 1) just "" or
#.(logical-pathname "...")

2010-06-23 03:12:35 View
[b8f49c] (488 Bytes) by Richard M Kreuter Richard M Kreuter Minor changes to SB-COVER, SB-MD5 tests for Win32

* Have SB-COVER use md5sums of filenames for URLs.

* Have the test of SB-MD5:MD5SUM-FILE take the md5sum of a fresh empty
file, rather /dev/null or NUL, so that the test is independent of
any other limitations in CL:OPEN on Windows.

2008-01-23 14:42:36 View
[49e92e] (463 Bytes) by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman new contrib: sb-cover, a code coverage tool

Still somewhat experimental, so it might be changed incompatibly once
people start actually using it. Or maybe even removed, if it's not
found to be useful in practice. More documentation on interpreting
the output and on the limitations of the coverage tool will be
committed later.

* Compiler
* Instrument all forms found in the original source code
when the store-coverage-data optimization quality is larger
than 1.
* The instrumentation is fairly lightweight; just literal conses that
are modified when the form is executed.
* This requires hacking the compiler to allow modifying literals
when we know what we're doing.
* Add some extra source location tracking capabilities to handle
non-cons source forms better (though still not perfectly).
* Contrib
* Get the instrumentation data from the compiler, and create
a aggregate report + pretty annotate source code reports
(as html) from it.
* The latter uses a modified version of the source code tracking
read-table from Swank, written by Helmut Eller.

2007-05-03 03:27:55 View

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