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--- a/doc/manual/threading.texinfo
+++ b/doc/manual/threading.texinfo
@@ -139,10 +139,6 @@
 will be made to wait until it's free. Threads are woken in the order
 that they go to sleep.
-There isn't a timeout on mutex acquisition, but the usual WITH-TIMEOUT
-macro (which throws a TIMEOUT condition after n seconds) can be used
-if you want a bounded wait.
 (defpackage :demo (:use "CL" "SB-THREAD" "SB-EXT"))
@@ -162,14 +158,16 @@
 @end lisp
 @include struct-sb-thread-mutex.texinfo
+@include macro-sb-thread-with-mutex.texinfo
+@include macro-sb-thread-with-recursive-lock.texinfo
 @include fun-sb-thread-make-mutex.texinfo
 @include fun-sb-thread-mutex-name.texinfo
+@include fun-sb-thread-mutex-owner.texinfo
 @include fun-sb-thread-mutex-value.texinfo
 @include fun-sb-thread-grab-mutex.texinfo
 @include fun-sb-thread-release-mutex.texinfo
-@include macro-sb-thread-with-mutex.texinfo
-@include macro-sb-thread-with-recursive-lock.texinfo
-@include fun-sb-thread-get-mutex.texinfo
 @node Semaphores
 @comment  node-name,  next,  previous,  up
@@ -295,7 +293,7 @@
-@code{sb-thread:get-mutex}, @code{sb-thread:release-mutex},
+@code{sb-thread:grab-mutex}, @code{sb-thread:release-mutex},
 @code{sb-thread:with-mutex} and @code{sb-thread:with-recursive-lock}.
 @code{sb-thread:signal-semaphore}, @code{sb-thread:try-semaphore} and

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