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--- a
+++ b/contrib/sb-bsd-sockets/malloc.lisp
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+(in-package :sb-bsd-sockets-internal)
+(defun malloc (size)
+  "Allocate foreign memory in some way that allows the garbage collector to free it later.  Note that memory allocated this way does not count as `consed' for the purposes of deciding when to gc, so explicitly calling EXT:GC occasionally would be a good idea if you use it a lot"
+  ;; we can attach finalizers to any object, and they'll be called on
+  ;; the next gc after the object no longer has references.  We can't
+  ;; however make the finalizer close over the object, or it'll never
+  ;; have no references.  I experimentally determined that (sap-alien
+  ;; (alien-sap f)) is not EQ to f, so we can do it that way
+  (let* ((memory (make-alien (unsigned 8) size))
+         (alias (sap-alien (alien-sap memory)
+                                 (* (unsigned 8)))))
+    (sb-ext:finalize memory
+                     (lambda ()
+                       (free-alien alias)))))

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