--- a/contrib/sb-introspect/test-driver.lisp
+++ b/contrib/sb-introspect/test-driver.lisp
@@ -294,7 +294,14 @@
 ;;; Skip the whole damn test on GENCGC PPC -- the combination is just
 ;;; to flaky for this to make too much sense.
-#-(and ppc gencgc)
+;; #-(and ppc gencgc)
+;;; It appears that this test can fail due to systematic issues (possibly
+;;; with the C compiler used) which we cannot detect based on *features*.
+;;; Until this issue has been fixed, I am disabling this test entirely to
+;;; to allow installation of the contrib on affected builds. C.f. lp1057631.
+;;; --DFL
 (deftest allocation-information.4
     (tai #'cons :heap