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--- a/makefile
+++ b/makefile
@@ -13,33 +13,35 @@
 UPLOADFILES=$(wildcard *.html *.css *.png)
-$(error Set CURRENT_RELEASE before running make)
-RELEASE_TAG=sbcl_$(subst .,_,$(CURRENT_RELEASE))
-.PHONY: all generate-pages clean clean-generated clean-junk commit upload
+.PHONY: all generate-pages clean clean-generated clean-junk commit upload sbcl
 all: generate-pages
-	cvs co -p -r $(RELEASE_TAG) sbcl/NEWS > NEWS
+	git submodule update --init
-current-release:: NEWS
-	( echo $(CURRENT_RELEASE) > current-release ; \
-	  cvs rlog -N -r$(RELEASE_TAG) sbcl/version.lisp-expr | ./cvs-rlog-to-date >> current-release )
+current-release: sbcl
+	cd sbcl && git describe --match 'sbcl*' --abbrev=0 | sed -e s/sbcl.// | sed -e s/_/\./g > ../current-release
+	cd sbcl &&  git log -1 --pretty=format:%ad --date=short >> ../current-release
+NEWS: sbcl
+	cp sbcl/NEWS NEWS
 generate-pages: current-release
 	SBCL=$(SBCL); $${SBCL:-sbcl} --eval "(require :asdf)" --eval "(require :sbcl-page)" --eval "(sbcl-page:generate-pages)" --eval "(quit)"
+	cd sbcl && sh make.sh
+	cd sbcl/doc/manual && make
+manual: sbcl/doc/manual/sbcl.html
+	mkdir -p manual
+	cp sbcl/doc/manual/sbcl.html manual/index.html
 clean: clean-generated clean-junk
 	rm -f *.html
-	cvs commit
 # Circa October 2008, SF no longer gives us shell access, so we can't
 # do interesting backupoid operations like this target anymore.
@@ -61,7 +63,7 @@
 # rsync -avP -e ssh -b *.html <user>,sbcl@web.sourceforge.net:/home/groups/s/sb/sbcl/htdocs/
 upload: generate-pages
-	rsync -avP -e ssh -b $(UPLOADFILES) $(SFNETUSER),sbcl@$(SFNETHOST):$(HTDOCSDIR)
+	rsync -avP -e ssh -b manual $(UPLOADFILES) $(SFNETUSER),sbcl@$(SFNETHOST):$(HTDOCSDIR)
 	rm -f *.fasl *~ *.lisp-expr

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