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 Install CL-PPCRE. (It's in clbuild.)
 Make sure your environment is set up to use an 8-bit locale (UTF-8 or
-ISO-8859-1 should work).  On Solaris, this can be done with
+ISO-8859-1 should work).  On Solaris and BSD-derived systems, this can
+be done with:
-while on many linux variants, you'll want
+while on many Linux variants, you'll want:
 Edit platform-support-platforms.lisp to update available versions.
-Then run "env CURRENT_RELEASE=<x.y.z> make".
+If you have just bumped the SBCL version then you may need to update
+the sbcl submodule with something like this:
+	   (cd sbcl && git fetch && git checkout sbcl-x.y.z) && git commit -m "Update sbcl submodule to x.y.z" sbcl
+Note that if you update the submodule but do not commit here then it
+will be reset to the last committed version!
+Then run "make". Note that GNU make is required.
 Test locally.
-Then run "make commit".
+Commit your changes to platform-support-platforms.lisp
 Copy *.html and sbcl.css to the SBCL web page root.  As of October
 2008, this can only be done using SFTP, SCP, or rsync over SSH.  The
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 rsync -avP -e ssh -b *.html <user>,sbcl@web.sourceforge.net:/home/groups/s/sb/sbcl/htdocs/
-Brian Mastenbrook
+Assuming ./extract-sfnet-user is smart enough to figure out your
+username, this may be done via "make upload-pages".
-Updated 2008/10/06, Richard Kreuter
+Don't forget to push when you're done!