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--- a/platform-support.lisp
+++ b/platform-support.lisp
@@ -142,15 +142,6 @@
         "compiling it") ".")
    (<div class= "left-floater">
-   ;; (The following paragraph follows the platform table directly, so that
-   ;; the text is close to the "Windows" line of that table.  Please remove
-   ;; this paragraph once Windows changes have been merged.)
-   (<p>
-    "In addition to the official SBCL, "
-    (<a href= "https://github.com/akovalenko/sbcl-win32-threads/wiki"> "a Windows fork")
-    " exists that improves support for the Windows platform, especially in the area of threads, I/O, and x86-64 support. Though is has not
-      yet been incorporated into mainline, Windows users may want to consider
-      using it in the meanwhile.")
    (<table class= "key">
             (<td> "")