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[0f3198] by crhodes crhodes

Updates for 1.0.34 release.

Also fix a name/href confusion in news page generation

2009-12-30 20:57:29 Tree
[fd32bf] by crhodes crhodes

Fix quoted-printed issues in my GPG key

2009-12-02 21:47:20 Tree
[8860b9] by crhodes crhodes

Link launchpad bug numbers to the actual launchpad bugs

Oh yes, this is scripting, not programming. It took a good long while
to even learn to _read_ this code, let alone write some more, and of course
I've now used a regexp, and so the next maintainer has two problems.

Still, pretty. Note that the NEWS file is not currently in the right format;
I edited one locally to get html to upload to

2009-12-02 20:55:11 Tree
[ae2cdb] by crhodes crhodes

Update pages for sbcl-1.0.33 release.

The index-page.lisp should now no longer need modifying.

2009-12-02 16:47:43 Tree
[630901] by demoss demoss

second round of release packaging, with -r2 suffix

* The first set of files had Darwin junk included.

2009-06-05 09:42:31 Tree
[cc673c] by demoss demoss

1.0.29 release

* binaries

* update the front page and sidebar to refer to Launchpad

* add my public key

2009-06-04 16:30:52 Tree
[3aed5d] by melisgl melisgl

add 1.0.28 binaries, update README

2009-05-01 21:34:11 Tree
[f876d8] by melisgl melisgl

added my public key

2009-04-29 12:59:27 Tree
[b8e7d3] by bmastenbrook bmastenbrook

NetBSD PPC 1.0.23

2008-12-18 01:38:28 Tree
[41edb6] by bmastenbrook bmastenbrook

FreeBSD and Solaris x86 1.0.23

2008-12-17 23:12:42 Tree
[b79ec5] by bmastenbrook bmastenbrook

Linux/x86 and Linux/x86-64 1.0.23

2008-12-17 21:41:19 Tree
[f590f6] by bmastenbrook bmastenbrook

1.0.23 x86/Darwin and x86-64/Darwin

2008-12-16 03:12:07 Tree
[fcfea2] by bmastenbrook bmastenbrook

1.0.23 SPARC/Solaris binary (thanks to locklace on #lisp)

2008-12-16 02:24:50 Tree
[d9277f] by ths-sf ths-sf

Update Linux mips/mipsel versions.

2008-12-04 19:41:02 Tree
[a93428] by kreuter kreuter

Update the platform release page for powerpc-linux 1.0.23.

2008-12-01 16:20:12 Tree
[3df92f] by kreuter kreuter

Add variable to control which SBCL gets executed in generate-pages.

2008-12-01 16:18:58 Tree
[e0c118] by bmastenbrook bmastenbrook

1.0.22 mipsel/linux binary

2008-11-05 19:52:47 Tree
[943226] by bmastenbrook bmastenbrook

x86/Solaris 1.0.22 binary

2008-11-05 03:02:37 Tree
[44db13] by bmastenbrook bmastenbrook

* 1.0.22 x86/Windows binary
* Rename "Win32" to "Windows" - Win32 is an API; Windows is the OS
* Slightly better processor descriptions

2008-11-04 01:33:43 Tree
[2d392d] by bmastenbrook bmastenbrook

1.0.22 NetBSD/PPC binary; mark the AMD64 port as "in progress"

2008-11-03 22:23:43 Tree
[c3e770] by bmastenbrook bmastenbrook

1.0.22 MIPS/Linux binary.

2008-11-03 21:07:14 Tree
[c996f7] by bmastenbrook bmastenbrook

1.0.22 binary for NetBSD/x86

2008-11-03 19:49:36 Tree
[79c82a] by bmastenbrook bmastenbrook

* Add 1.0.22 Linux/PPC binary
* Automatically detect SFNETUSER if the sbcl-page CVS checkout is not anonymous

2008-11-03 14:12:28 Tree
[ffbfeb] by bmastenbrook bmastenbrook

Automatically fetch the correct NEWS file for the current release, and also fetch the correct release date
Add FreeBSD x86-64 binary for 1.0.22

2008-11-02 15:47:01 Tree
[d106f8] by bmastenbrook bmastenbrook

Make the 'upload' target depend on generating the pages.
Also, add 1.0.22 binaries for linux/x86 and OpenBSD/x86

2008-11-02 03:09:53 Tree
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