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--- a/package-data-list.lisp-expr
+++ b/package-data-list.lisp-expr
@@ -134,6 +134,14 @@
     :name "SB!C"
     :doc "private: implementation of the compiler"
+    ;; (It seems strange to have the compiler USE SB-ALIEN-INTERNALS,
+    ;; but the point seems to be to be able to express things like
+    ;; having to use a bunch of package prefixes, by putting them
+    ;; in the SB-C package. Maybe it'd be tidier to define an SB-ALIEN-COMP
+    ;; package for this? But it seems like a fairly low priority.)
+    ;; (Probably the same considerations also explain why BIGNUM is
+    ;;in the USE list.)
           #!+sb-dyncount "SB-DYNCOUNT"
           "SB!EXT" "SB!INT" "SB!KERNEL" "SB!ASSEM" "SB!SYS")
@@ -295,7 +303,7 @@
     :doc "public: some types used with ALIENs"
     :reexport ("FLOAT" "CHAR")
-    :export ("C-STRING" "DOUBLE" "INT" "LONG"
+    :export ("C-STRING" "DOUBLE" "GET-ERRNO" "INT" "LONG"
@@ -734,6 +742,9 @@
              ;; used for FORMAT tilde paren
+             ;; helpers for C library calls
+             "STRERROR" "SIMPLE-PERROR"
              ;; debuggers' little helpers
              #!+sb-show "*/SHOW*"
              #!+sb-show "HEXSTR"
@@ -750,6 +761,9 @@
              ;; might as well be shared among the various files which
              ;; need it:
+             ;; alien interface utilities
+             "C-STRINGS->STRING-LIST"
              ;; misc. utilities used internally
@@ -1458,7 +1472,7 @@
-             "F_OK" "GET-UNIX-ERROR-MSG" "GET-ERRNO" "GID-T"
+             "F_OK" "GET-UNIX-ERROR-MSG" "GID-T"

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