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--- a
+++ b/make-host-1.lisp
@@ -0,0 +1,35 @@
+;;; (We want to have some limit on print length and print level during
+;;; bootstrapping because PRINT-OBJECT only gets set up rather late,
+;;; and running without PRINT-OBJECT it's easy to fall into printing
+;;; enormous (or infinitely circular) low-level representations of
+;;; things.)
+(setf *print-level* 5 *print-length* 5)
+(load "src/cold/shared.lisp")
+(load "tools-for-build/ldso-stubs.lisp")
+(in-package "SB-COLD")
+(setf *host-obj-prefix* "obj/from-host/")
+(load "src/cold/set-up-cold-packages.lisp")
+(load "src/cold/defun-load-or-cload-xcompiler.lisp")
+(load-or-cload-xcompiler #'host-cload-stem)
+;;; Let's check that the type system, and various other things, are
+;;; reasonably sane. (It's easy to spend a long time wandering around
+;;; confused trying to debug cross-compilation if it isn't.)
+(when (find :sb-test *shebang-features*)
+  (load "tests/type.before-xc.lisp")
+  (load "tests/info.before-xc.lisp")
+  (load "tests/vm.before-xc.lisp"))
+(load "tools-for-build/ucd.lisp")
+;;; Generate character database tables.
+;;; propagate structure offset and other information to the C runtime
+;;; support code.
+(host-cload-stem "src/compiler/generic/genesis")
+(sb!vm:genesis :c-header-dir-name "src/runtime/genesis")
+#+cmu (ext:quit)
+#+clisp (ext:quit)
+#+abcl (ext:quit)