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merged flaky1 branch back into main branch, now that it's
stable again.
(Dan Barlow's email on sbcl-devel warned that one problem
with branches is that useful checkin comments
end up being hard to find when they're stuck on
branches. I'll check the output
after this checkin, and if it doesn't include
the notes for the various checkins on
the flaky1 branch, I'll make another checkin
below just as an excuse to add log notes which
copy or summarize them.)
The flaky1 branch was rather a lot of work for what turned
out to be not very many fixes. ("The discipline of
refactoring is hard to learn and easy to
lose sight of, even if only for a moment. I
still lose sight more often than I care to admit.
I'll do two or three refactorings in a row without
rerunning the test cases. Of course I can get away
with it. I'm confident. I've practiced. Boom! A
test fails, and I can't see which of my changes
caused the problem. At this moment, you will be
mightily tempted to just debug your way out of
trouble. After all, you got those tests to run
in the first place. How hard could it be to get
them running again? Stop. You are out of control,
and you have no idea what it will take to get back
in control by going forward. Go back to your
last known good configuration after each one."
-- Kent Beck, on pp. 410-411 in Martin Fowler's

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