Okay, since I now have three readers :), I will start this writing soon.

Regarding  McLachlan's paper, it is a small document which is almost unhelpful for newbies, and I haven't learned much about Python from that paper.

I will inform you about the book progress after a few initial chapters are completed.


2010/4/14 Leslie P. Polzer <sky@viridian-project.de>

Roman Marynchak wrote:

> But now it seems that there is almost no interest in such a book here, you
> see that I got only one response and nobody agreed to review/answer the
> questions. Maybe SBCL development assumes that people who are involved are
> mature engineers and they are able to do a quick reverse-engineering of the
> compiler. Or Python is considered to be a simple compiler which does not
> need any detailed manual?

For some people it takes weeks until they answer questions around here,
so don't be discouraged.

> As for now I am not sure about starting this writing. It seems that I will
> get no readers :)

Count me as a future reader.

> Maybe there are some Python docs which are missing by me,
> so there is no necessity in new papers?

Do you know the papers about Python by McLachlan? Links should be
somewhere on the SBCL internals page. There's an introductory one
and a more detailed one (with blanks in certain sections).