Thanks to all who have replied for your interest in this book :) It is really great to get so many idea-supporting letters :)

 I work as Lisp software engineer full-time (we develop a bytecode compiler and VM for it using SBCL), and I will write the book during my weekends. So I hope to finish the first chapters in a month or so (+/- 2 weeks).


2010/4/14 Malcolm Reynolds <>
> As for now I am not sure about starting this writing. It seems that I will
> get no readers :) Maybe there are some Python docs which are missing by me,
> so there is no necessity in new papers?
> Roman

I would definitely read this. I would love to be in a position to
contribute code to SBCL but as it is my understanding of Lisp is
probably too basic for me to get much out of just reading through the
compiler code myself - a guide like the one you suggest would help
people like me greatly.