I have been trying to set up my own sbcl using the 0.9.9 sources. Using the default options, and sh make.sh everything seems to work. The problem appears when you try to start up Slime, and you get the error "Don't know how to require sb-bsd-sockets". Googleing for help was not useful at all. Looking at the SBCL installation folder, there is no any package with the contrib libraries (sb-bsd-sockets, asdf, and so on). After looking carefully to the scripts that help to set up the new binaries (make.sh and install.sh), and specially if you type the make-target-contrib.sh, all the contribs packages fail. I don't know the reason.  I'm using Debian 3.0.

Could you please tell me what's going on here? Do I have to set up these packages by hand (if so, how)

Thanks in advance for your help