On 11/25/05, Gábor Melis <mega@hotpop.com> wrote:
FD handlers are per thread ergo they only have a chance to run if
serve-event is called in the same thread. This works for me:

So in the unthreaded version they 'just work' because the REPL would call serve-event somewhere, while in the threaded version the base system starts a few different threads and my code was run in a different one from the REPL? Being dependant on the REPL for the fd-handlers to fire would explain some other weird behaviour I had witnessed...

I've got everything working fine now, thanks for the help. By the way, if there exists a documentation of the stuff in sb-sys online somewhere I'd love to hear about it... looking at other people's code and using trial and error is not really a substitute for knowing what you are doing.

Marijn Haverbeke