On 8/30/05, Rex Dieter <rdieter1@unl.edu> wrote:
Christophe Rhodes wrote:
> Rex Dieter <rdieter1@unl.edu> writes:
>>In my efforts to get sbcl included in Fedora Extras, we'd like to
>>support the linux-powerpc platform, but I need a newer/recent/current
>>binary from which to bootstrap.  Currently, 0.8.15 is the latest
>>downloadable from sourceforge.

> (To
> get a newer binary, I'd start by getting a recent .deb -- which is an
> ar(1) archive -- and extracting sbcl and sbcl.core from that.)

Not an option.  I need official/upstream bootstraps, or we can't support
the platform.

Why don't you bootstrap using clisp?  Then  all you need is gcc.