I am using sbcl 1.0.15 on Ubuntu. I have an image with hunchentoot, drakma (all sorts of ediware compiled into it).
Recently I've been running into a lot of "Heap exhausted" kind of messages when I started to test my hunchentoot (http server) performance with httperf.
This usually requires me to restart the lisp process.
My system doesn't have a lot of memory (I got PIII 600MHz with 350MB of memory and my lisp image takes around 100MB).
When I do the performance testing and I run "top" on the system, the CPU usage goes to 99% and memory usages goes up to 100% then gets back to the initial condition.
Probably it means that GC is working very hard during that performance testing.
Interesting thing is that sometimes when I run the similar tests the CPU usage is around 2% and I don't see that much of memory usage growing/shrinking.
As for the operations I am performing it's mostly hunchentoot exported functions uses by a lot of other people, so there shouldn't be something really stupid that I am doing to the memory.
My question is how (if possible) to avoid this issue, are there any compiler options that I can use?
Is it a problem that might change from one sbcl release to another?

Thank you,