For cl+ssl project in streams.lisp file there is a following definition:
(defun install-nonblock-flag (fd)
(sb-posix:fcntl fd
          (logior (sb-posix:fcntl fd sb-posix::f-getfl)

Basically, it fails to compile it. If I just comment the inernals of the function out, all SSL requests from Drakma (which is based on cl+ssl) will fail.

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 12:39 PM, Richard M Kreuter <> wrote:
"Andrei Stebakov" writes:

> I was trying to compile hunchentoot on Windows using the 1.0.13 sbcl,
> everything compiled except SSL support which required sb-posix:fcntl to be
> implemented.
> Are there any plans to implement it for Windows?

IIRC, the last time I looked, fcntl wasn't available on Windows, though
at least some of fcntl's functionality is present on Windows in some
form.  Which bits of fcntl does Hunchentoot need?