I am getting this error while trying to run sbcl 1.0.22 on Windows xp.

C:\Program Files\Steel Bank Common Lisp\1.0.22>sbcl --dynamic-space-size 980
VirtualAlloc: 0x1e7.
ensure_space: failed to validate 1027604480 bytes at 0x22300000
<hint: Try "ulimit -a" may be you should increase memory limits>

When I decrease the dynamic space size to 940 it works fine. We have a lisp file which requires 978 mb for compilation. So we need to run sbcl with space size of more than 980 mb.

Please look into this and let me know if some solution exists for this issue. I found a bug already filed for this issue as http://www.archivesat.com/Steel_Bank_Common_Lisp_(SBCL)/thread2297905.htm


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