With apologies for what is surely a naive question/issue I would like to access wisdom of the group about the recent discussion over backquote and how it has `broken things`.

I am at best a cautiously-competent novice with Lisp and have been using SBCL as the primary development language for projects. At current I am using the version of SBCL that comes with Ubuntu 14.4 (1.1.14.debian).

I have gone back to read the relevant SBCL-devel discussion in April under the thread title "pprinter regression", but have to admit that I'm not confidently able to make sense of it all. Part of this comes from not having a good handle on the implications of the backquote through all of its applications and indication posted  elsewhere that the new backquote behaviour could affect many examples given in Graham's `On Lisp`.

So enough of the lead-in:

In my code I have several macros and uses of backquote outside of macros. I don't make much use of prettyprinting but am mostly concerned that my macros and other uses of backquote will keep working as they have previously.

Short of upgrading to SBCL 1.2.2 and trying it out, is there a way I can determine if I will experience any drama (that is, failure) with my existing code with SBCL 1.2.2 and beyond?

​Best wishes,​