This is a follow-up on my previous email where I had incorrectly configured mingw64 and cygwin.

I now have mingw64 installed before cygwin in PATH.  Both gcc and make are mingw's.

I am still using cygwin's mintty+bash to invoke `sh "sbcl"'

I have to specify "sbcl", otherwise I get an error:
FAILURE-P was set when creating "obj/from-host/src/code/misc.fasl".

Now the error is in phase 2 of the build (

GNUmakefile:33: genesis/Makefile.features: No such file or directory
GNUmakefile:73: target 'TAGS' given more than once in the same rule

I found genesis.lisp and looked at it briefly. Assuming it builds the genesis/Makefile, I examined *FEATURES* in the 1.1.12 sbcl binary.  I see :win32 and :x86-64 features.

I captured the build log, and I don't see the genesis.lisp being compiled.

Any thoughts?